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Holiday Gift Preview: NERF Battle Racer by Hauck Toys #MBPHGG17

I am being provided with product in exchange for sharing my honest thoughts by Hauck Toys.

My 7-year-old son started making his holiday wish list months ago. Here and there, he'd see a game or toy of interest and would ask me to add it to his list. I usually oblige and add things here and there so we have a running list that we can send out to friends and family for birthdays, and other holidays. Sometimes we browse to see what's out there, and I always encourage him to check out outdoor toys, as well. When we last looked at outdoor toys, we found some pretty cool ride-ons, but there was one in particular that blew B away.

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Around the wheel or how it all started...

"Everything that rolls" is fascinating younger and older children all times.
It all began with a red ball, and grew from there. Hauck has been making toys for kids for generations- from baby toys to doll strollers and awesome ride-ons that keep kids active!
Hauck has an incredible line up of outdoor toys that'll get your kids excited.

Hauck has an amazing line of pedal cars for kids of all ages. They have cool licensed vehicles like Transformers, Batman, and NERF. B has recently really gotten into NERF and has a cool collection of NERF blasters. When he saw the NERF Battle Racer from Hauck Toys, he knew that it would be taking the top spot on his holiday wish list.

Check out the NERF Battle Racer in action...

This awesome ride-on has it all! It's intended for kids ages 4-10 and has a weight limit of 110 lbs.
NERF Battle Racer is the ultimate Go Kart! Get ready to experience the exhilaration of the NERF Battle Racer. Along with the innovative, durable features and sporty design, the NERF Battle Racer gives an authentic driving experience and lets the driver control with Pedal Power! This is a custom NERF Go Kart with placeholders for the NERF blasters, brackets and darts; ergonomic molded seat is adjustable and equipped with a high backrest - for a comfortable and safe sitting position. Speed can be kept in check with the easy-to-use handbrake. Kids will love the NERF Battle Racer due to its fantastic handling characteristics, child-oriented ergonomics, super awesome sporty design, and safety. In addition, it encourages physical activity, builds strength, endurance and coordination.

- Placeholders for NERF blasters, brackets and darts.
- Sturdy tubular steel frame.
- NERF orange ball bearing mounted rims with low-profile tires.
- Sporty 3 Point Steering wheel for responsive, quick steering.
- Speed can be kept in-check with the easy-to-use handbrake.
- Race-Styled Pedals.
- Adjustable bucket seat with hollows for NERF darts.
Note: Blasters and darts not included.
$239.00 (Amazon)

This is going to make such an awesome holiday gift, and we can't wait to see our son's face! We'll be sharing our review of the NERF Battle Racer coming up on Mommy's Block Party in a couple of weeks, so be sure to catch that if you want the full scoop, all of the cool details, and of course, my honest opinion of the product.

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to Hauck Toys to check out their cool line of kids ride-on vehicles! You can purchase the NERF Battle Racer on Amazon, or at other retailers where toys are sold. 
Connect with Hauck Toys on Facebook and YouTube.

Special thanks to Hauck Toys for allowing me to share about the awesome NERF Battle Racer this holiday season! Look for it in our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide!

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