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Drive More Safely with The Beebe Company's Phone Holder #review #MBPHGG17

Thank you to The Beebe Company for the product. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we have all been guilty of distracted driving at one time. Drinking water, changing the radio station, checking on little ones in the back, or, most dangerously, checking our phones. Those tiny computers that live in our pockets, diaper bags, and purses keep us safe, but also pose a risk. I can't be the only one who uses my phone as a GPS. I do have an older car so there is no place higher up to place my phone. If I need to look at the maps, I have to look down. Enter The Beebe Company's phone holder. 

The Beebe Company has been creating effective and efficient products since 1884. Originally selling materials for sailing, shipping, and fishing, The Beebe Company now innovates modern products with the same great quality and materials they have been using for over a hundred years. 

The phone holder I received is made out of leather and is much more durable than other products I have seen. If you're a momma too, you know you need durable products in your life. I'm not worried Hendrix will break this at all. The directions to mount the phone holder in my car were very simple to follow and I was able to install it right away.

I simply had to put the piece of leather gently into the CD player slot and ta-da! I am now a safer driver. 

Now I don't have to look down to see the maps; I can simply glance at the map and continue driving keeping my family safe on the road. What is a better gift than a user friendly, easy to install, and practical accessory for your car? Ladies and gentlemen of all ages can put this to use, as well as many of the other products The Beebe Company has to offer. 

 Want it? Buy it!

If you or someone you know needs this phone holder, you can buy it for $59 on Etsy. They also carry a cute Phone Leash for $39. The Beebe Company has Handkerchief Maps for only $20! Perfect for someone moving to a new city as they are very practical and very durable.

To check out all the locally made and sourced goods from The Beebe Company, follow them on social media.

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