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Play and Store All in One with Play & Go Toy Storage Mats #MBPHGG17

 Play & Go provided me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared below are my own. 

I want to introduce to you a product that every house with babies, tots, and kids will need. The product I am speaking of is the Play & Go toy storage play mat, from Belgian based company Play & Go. The above picture would be my kiddos, showing you how amazingly the play & go lays flat to act as the perfect play mat for all of your little's belongings and toys. This company has truly thought of everything in designing a 2-in1 play mat and toy bag. 
What I found most surprising was how easily this item goes from play mat to bag. The design is quite genius. My kids and I put our play mat to good use, straight away.

 My oldest cheesing for the camera, playing on his badminton patterned Play & Go mat. They come in many colors and patterns to fit any home decor.

My boys have been using these play mats since the day they arrived. Kids (and dragons alike) will love them!

We have the type of floor that tends to cause toys to fly in every direction as soon as they hit.
Don't get me wrong, I love the black and white checkerboard floor the previous owners/builders chose as it is perfect for what we use it for, but it is kind of begging for a play mat. The cotton material is such that you can still feel the floor beneath which makes it so that cars can still "go" and "zoom" to their heart's content. It actually lays perfectly flat so blocks can be used to construct castles and mountains, lego structures can be built and set up without pieces bouncing about on the hard floor and best of all, your child will NOT LOSE what they are playing with because it stays where the child stays. If you have little ones, I can confidently predict that you hear, "I can't find..." and the ways to fill in that blank are endless. With this play mat, not only do toys stay put, but the way it transforms effortlessly into a toy bag make it so that toys or items of any kind stay stowed away to either be brought along with you, or used at a later time.

Notice how even a child can easily pull up the strings and turn the mat into a bag. It requires very little effort. It measures 140 cm diameter and is made from premium solid cotton fabric. The bags are warranted for 3 years to be free from defects in the material and workmanship. I could tell how well made they are from the way they are packaged to the way they feel in your hands. These bags are also machine washable, making them the perfect gift for that mom of little ones in your life. 

The above pictured is a play mat the children can color themselves! Let the kids get in on creating their own design.

Every toy, perfectly stowed away for portable play!

Want it? Get it!

To buy the Play & Go play mat you can send an email to: info@hotalinginc.com, where you can place a direct order OR visit Amazon . You are sure to find one that suits you and your child's taste. Check out their social media pages via Facebook , Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter

Thanks to Play & Go for allowing me to enjoy and review their product!

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  1. You had me at "your child will NOT LOSE what they are playing with because it stays where the child stays"!!! These mats are such a great idea! Love how kids can carry the mats around with them too. - Lauren


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