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Zen Band, An Innovative Headband with Built-in Headphones

It is said that music is calming, motivating, and encouraging when we need it to be.  I was introduced to Zen Band from our friends at Blooming Wellness and given the opportunity to try the product in exchange for my honest review.  All thoughts are my own.

Zen Band is a new product designed to provide a zen atmosphere wherever you may be.  They can be worn as head bands or an eye mask to alleviate anxiety or just to help you block out the light when you need to sleep... the best part?  They play music too!  I love music and listen to music throughout the day to boost my mood, help me relax or just to listen to anything other than what I hear around me.  The music for these can be from any mobile device, computer, or anything with a headphone adapter.  

This headband with built in earphones is functional, stylish, and lightweight.  The bands come scented in lavender, which is a natural scent to evoke calm.  The speakers are movable and lay flat on the outside of the ear so  depending on what you are trying to use the band for you don't feel any pressure from them.  The speaker cord is long which allows you to have mobility, but also to hide it from view if need be.  I tend to run the wire under my shirt while my phone is in my pocket.  The sound is clear and no one can see the speakers or hear them.  There is no sticking anything in your ears and you can control the volume.

Since I have gotten them I wear one every day at bedtime or just sitting on the computer doing homework, blogging, or just surfing the net, to give myself some relaxation time when I need it.  Being a busy mom, I need all the zen time I can get. In my opinion, we all need a little bit of that.

Want one? Get one?

Connect with ZenBand courtesy of Blooming Wellness



  1. This is pretty terrific and I could see all my girls wanting this. They'd wear it all the time.

    1. I really love it. It's so comfortable and the lavender scent is not at all overwhelming.


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