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Tell Me a Fairy Tale by the Fire: Curonian Fairy Tale Fire Basket #Review + Fire Basket #Giveaway ($279.00 RV)

Thank you to Curonian for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts shared are my own.

What comes to mind when you think of fall? I envision Pinterest boards depicting happy families around a fire pit on a crisp evening, roasting marshmallows and wrapping up in blanket scarves. As lovely as that sounds, my life is a bit more down to earth and chaotic than those beautiful pins on my boards would allow. I do want those 'magical' fall moments for my family, though, and this fall, we're hoping to create lasting memories right in our own backyard.

I've wanted a fire pit for a good while. The reality is that we don't have a huge yard, and I can't see myself asking the kids to give up their open yard space for playing, just so we can have a stationary fire pit (though it would be awesome!). Determined to find a solution to small space living problems, I was thrilled to learn about Curonian and their beautiful fire pits. 

Curonian Deco is a universal craftsmen team, whose roots derive from the Baltic region in Northern Europe. By incorporating steel and complimenting materials like wood and glass, they create lines that allow a seamless integration with the existing environment. At Curonian, they believe that a well-designed product is capable of prompting different reactions from different people. To achieve this Curonian dares to experiment but at the same time pay great attention to practicality and functionality of the objects they design.

During the manufacturing process they combine craftsmanship with the use of latest technologies. This allows Curonian to ensure the highest quality and aesthetically pleasing look of their products.

The perfect spot for a night around the fire in our own backyard.

Completely intrigued by Curonian's gorgeous products, we were pretty excited to be offered the chance to try out one of the Curonian Fairy Tale Fire Baskets. This rusting carbon steel fire pit is absolutely stunning. It's completely portable, as it folds flat for easy storage and transport. We won't be able to leave our fire basket set up all the time. Putting it together took a matter of minutes, and set up/clean up was a breeze. We have a small patio area between our house and our neighbor's house, but didn't feel that it was enough open space for using the fire basket. We took four extra pavers from a stack that we had in storage, and created a safe base for the fire basket to sit on. That way, the embers that blew out of the basket had a safe place to land. We also saturated the grass around the base with water, just in case. It's been pretty dry out lately.

Check out that awesome laser cut dragon design!

The Fire Basket Fairy Tale series offers several laser cut designs to choose from. When I laid eyes on the dragon design, I knew my husband would flip over it! He loves dragons- always has, and this particular design spoke to his soul. I couldn't wait to see actual flames behind the dragon cut-outs. There are cut-outs on all four sides of the fire baskets in this series. 

A sturdy steel base and grate holds the wood for the fire.

The fire basket looks beautiful- stunning, really, on its own. It has a regal quality to it that we enjoy, and it sort of made us feel like the cool kids on the block after we set it up. Now, we have a six-year-old, and a 17-month-old, so naturally, safety was a concern. We moved chairs several paces away from the fire basket once the fire was going in it, and we made sure that we held our toddler at all times. We also made sure that our son stayed back a safe distance, and was only allowed to help with the fire with his daddy right at his side.

Look at the awesome design!

Once the fire got going, it was so beautiful, and so cool! I saw visions of so many stories and fairy tales that I've heard since my childhood, just watching that dragon stand among the flames! It was quite a sight! I envision us spending many nights by the fire this fall. B (of course) want to roast marshmallows and make smores, and stay up late with his daddy until the last embers of the fire are completely out. They did this together when we went camping earlier this summer, and it's been one of those moments that they both love to look back on and talk about.

Hubby adds a few extra sticks to the fire to keep it going.

I loved propping my feet up and just looking at the fire as it crackled before us. It was so incredibly relaxing and cool to watch.

One of the cool things about this fire basket, is that it's made of high carbon steel, which is designed to rust. It'll soon have a rustic look to it, and look even cooler, though I do think it looks beautiful as is. As soon as the fire had been going for about an hour, we already noticed that the basket was changing color.

 As it got darker outside, the dragon design just looked all the more awesome!

I can't wait to take our fire basket with us in a couple of weeks when we head out on a camping trip in VA. The fact that we can fold the fire basket flat and just put it right into the car is really wonderful. It's a lot safer than a ground campfire, so we're looking forward to trying it out away from home.

Take a look at the Curonian Fire Basket Fairy Tale Series in action...

We love the sleek, modern look of this fire pit. It's really simple, and striking. We're looking forward to inviting family and friends over to spend an evening or two around the fire! This is a sturdy, durable fire pit, and we plan on enjoying it for many years to come.

Fairy Tale Fire Basket Details

Ultimate in portability, a fire pit you can take wherever you go. It is easy to take to a friend’s place, the beach or wherever you want a little heat. No screws or tools required for this slide in design. The oxidized steel used in manufacturing this fire basket will develop a nice patina over time. Sophisticated design blends with modern simplicity. This Fire Pit will be the most popular party place for all your friends and family when they gather around the warmth and light of a fire.

Laser cut design;
Premium quality steel;
Safer than a ground campfire;
Folds flat.

Three designs: Witch, Dragon, Flames


Curonian Fire Baskets would make such a cool gift! For anyone who loves spending time outdoors, enjoys camping, etc- this is the gift for them! The holidays are just around the corner... don't forget about these beautiful fire baskets!

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to Curonian to learn more about their gorgeous, artful fire pits, and to shop their products. Connect with Curonian on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Want it? Win it!

One lucky MBP reader will win their own Curonian Fire Basket (Fairy Tale Series), worth $279.00 RV! This awesome giveaway is open to US residents, 18+, no PO Boxes. Just use the handy RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win. Don't forget to complete extra entries for additional chances to win! We will be checking that all entries are fully completed, so please follow the rules. MBP is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Please see our polices page for complete contest details.

Special thanks to our friends at Curonian for allowing us to experience the magic of their beautiful Fairy Tale Fire Baskets, and for offering this amazing giveaway for our readers.

Good luck!


  1. Love the simplicity of these guys.. the NIDA and Nagali are sticking out the most.

  2. I love the fact that these offering a safe means of a fire pit.. that is portable! For someone like me, who seems tomove more often than she is stable, it is a great idea. AND could be used at church functions as well.

    1. Exactly- portability makes it even better! It only weighs just over 30 lbs, too... not too bad to move around from place to place.

  3. I like the dragon because my kids would think it was awesome

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. The Dragon is also my favorite but I like all 3, they are so interesting and full of fantasy!

  6. Besides the fire baskets and loving all of the gorgeous fire pits,, I would really like to have the table top grill!

  7. Besides the fire baskets and loving all of the gorgeous fire pits,, I would really like to have the table top grill!

  8. I would definitely choose the dragon design my husband would love it!

  9. The FLAME Fairy Tale Series Fire Basket design is my V E R Y favorite !!!

  10. I like the flames the best for my basket design.

  11. I am also loving the Dragon and the Witch!

  12. I the fire pit Nida the best.

  13. The dragon is my top choice but the flame is a very close second.

  14. I like the flames they look so amazing they all do.

  15. I like the flames, but the dragon is amazing too!

  16. Fire Pit Phoenix Blossom is my favorite.

  17. I love the witch one where she's flying over the moon.

  18. I like the witch fire basket the best.

  19. I really like the witch. It would be great for Halloween.

  20. The plain flames would look good anywhere.

  21. I like the flames design!

  22. I adore dragon design in fire pit, It is like mouth of dragon appears fire.


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