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Math is Stylish with the Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE #review #MBPBacktoSchool

Thank you to Texas Instruments for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared below are my own. 

Texas Instruments is a well known name in many households.  I remember when I was in high school and I got to shop for my calculator for math class.  That was many, many years ago and I don't remember which style it was or what specific class I needed it for. But I do remember that it was not as fancy or as pretty as they are today.  I also didn't need it until high school and know they are on the middle school supply list.  Times have sure changed but Texas Instruments has changed along with that and are still there to provide what students need to succeed.

Aiden will begin middle school next year and the TI-84 Plus CE is on his school supply list.  I am glad that he has this now and can spend some time getting familiar with it.  It has so many awesome features.  I am amazed by it and a bit confused.  Math has never been my favorite subject.  This calculator is so much more than just a calculator, which is what I am used to.  This calculator will take Aiden from middle school all the way through high school and college.  It has a sleek, slim design and comes in some beautiful new colors.  We received the Bionic Blue.  It has a rechargeable battery with a battery charger and 6 times more memory.  If your kids will need a graphing calculator for their school needs, Texas Instruments has what you need. 

Great information right on the package

You can compare models right on the package and decide what you need. 

Instructions included inside package.

USB cable and chargers included.

Love the color and sleek design.

Bright, easy to read screen.

Easy to slip on cover for protection.

Cover slides right on for storage and protection.

Key Features

 30% lighter and thinner than earlier generation TI-84 Plus models
 Vibrant backlit color screen
TI Rechargeable Battery
Available in a variety of fun colors
Pre-loaded Apps and Images
MathPrint™ functionality

Captivating Color. Optimal Display.
Visualize concepts clearly and make faster, stronger connections between equations, data, and graphs in full color.

Enhanced screen readability with high-resolution, backlit display
Distinguish between multiple graphs and plots with color-coded equations, plots and objects
Make graphs easier to read by adding grid lines

Approved for Exams
The TI-84 Plus CE is approved for use on the following exams:

PSAT*, SAT*, and ACT® college entrance exams
AP* Exams that allow or require a graphing calculator
Approved for use on the IB exam

Use More, Replace Less
The TI Rechargeable Battery conveniently recharges using a USB cable, wall charger or TI-84 Plus C Charging Station.

Familiar TI-84 Plus Family Functionality
The same menu structure and navigation as the TI-84 Plus family make it easy to pick up and learn. Built-in MathPrint™ functionality allows you to input and view math symbols, formulas and stacked fractions exactly as they appear in textbooks.

Make Real-World Connections
Deepen student understanding of math concepts with images. Import photos* from a computer to the calculator and graph on top of the images to create an engaging learning experience.

Want it?  Get it!
Head over to the Texas Instruments website to check out the TI-84 Plus CE.  You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.  

Special thanks to my friends at Texas Instruments for allowing me to share this TI-84 Plus CE with all of you!  

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