Learning to potty can be enjoyable! #PBS KIDS

Thank you to PBS for providing this product for review. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

When my son was an infant he had "colic" and screamed for 20+ hours per day for 10 months. We finally found a doctor that gave us options and discovered he had acid reflux. After a week of treatment, we had a calm cuddly little boy for the first time since his birth.

Despite a rocky start as an infant our sweet little boy turned out to be an awesome toddler. We have had few meltdowns and once he understands why we make the decisions we do regarding tv, food, bedtime, etc he agrees that we know best and happily complies. The only exception, with our agreeable little boy, is potty training. Maybe he wasn't ready when we started potty training or maybe it's the only thing he has some control over but either way potty training has been exhausting. I'm not against bribing, we tried the potty books, potty charts, stickers, candy, toys, and money. It would work for a day or so and then he'd say "nope, I'd rather poop my pants". It was almost as if he was getting some secret pleasure watching us clean toddler underwear. Then we got the opportunity to watch PBS Kids DVD, "IT'S POTTY TIME!" and we are finally having some success! 

PBS KIDS is a part of PBS, the leading distributor for public television. PBS KIDS focuses on allowing all children to explore new ideas and new worlds. PBS KIDS programming promotes school readiness and encourages children to be lifelong learners. 

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

IT'S POTTY TIME! consists of four different episodes of popular PBS KIDS characters. Two episodes explore Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and the importance of taking a moment to stop what you are doing to use the potty. The catchy song the characters sing stuck in our little one's head and he kept singing it. It was easy to encourage him to go to the potty when playing by singing the song. He felt like he was a part of the Daniel Tiger family because he was singing and taking breaks to use the potty too. 

Washing hands is important after using the potty! 

Other episodes on the 60 minute DVD include Peg+Cat and Dinosaur Train. Peg+Cat were new characters to our household so our son's focus was more on learning about Peg+Cat which was followed by an episode of his favorite, Dinosaur Train. Dinosaur Train discusses how everyone poops, even dinosaurs! This gave some comic relief to my son and created some interesting moments discussing poop with everyone he meets. 

The DVD “IT’S POTTY TIME!” features four episodes from three PBS KIDS series. In this collection, young viewers will join some of their favorite PBS KIDS friends as they tackle potty training. Come along as Prince Wednesday learns how important it is to stop and go potty right away in a story from DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD, while in an episode of PEG + CAT, Peg and Cat show Big Mouth the six steps of going potty. A story from DINOSAUR TRAIN in which Buddy and Tiny discover that “all creatures poop,” even really big dinosaurs, is also included. The DVD has a run time of approximately 60 minutes.

Want it? Get it! 

Check out more PBS kids shows on their website and follow them on Twitter and Facebook. To purchase It's Potty Time DVD click here. 

Special thanks to PBS Kids for allowing me to review this product. 



  1. I might have to get this DVD - my son doesn't seem to be embracing the idea of potty training, maybe this will get him excited and/or motivated.

  2. we love daniel tiger and dinosaur train! my LO has learned so much from those shows


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