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Get Your Little Ones In the Zone with the New Light ‘n Go 3-in-1 Sports Zone from Little Tikes!

Thank you to Little Tikes for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts shared are my own.

We've had some really cool and rainy days in the Carolinas lately. I don't usually expect fall to arrive this early, but honey, it sort of feels like fall to me. September is often one of the hottest months of the year for us, but it's been so cool outside that we've had to don jackets every morning this week. Chilly temps and rain often mean that we can't get outside to play, and that's usually a bit of a bummer both for me and the kids. They love having the opportunity to run around outside, kicking the soccer ball around, and I love the easy entertainment! I have a feeling that we might as well settle in for a long and cool fall and winter season. No worries about not being able to play outside, though- we've got the perfect solution, thanks to Little Tikes!

I know I've mentioned before that Little Tikes is one of our favorite toy brands. There's certainly a lot to love about their brand- from outdoor play gyms, slides, ride-on toys, developmental baby and toddler toys, and so much more!  Little Tikes has been providing kids and parents with fun and innovative ways to play since 1969. Both of my kids love their Little Tikes toys, and Little Tikes has just rolled out some amazing new toys for kids of various ages. You might remember me mentioning the Pogo It for kids ages 4-10. If you missed that post, be sure to check it out!

Now it's Baby S' turn to get in on some Little Tikes fun, too!

The Little Tikes Light 'n Go 3-in-1 Sports Zone is a super fun learning/developmental activity toy for ages 12-36 months.

This amazing toy offers 3-in-1 sports-themed activities for little ones. It does require assembly and batteries, which are not included. This only took a few minutes for my husband to put together. We both appreciated the easy to follow instructions that came with this toy. Baby S was so excited by the picture on the box, that she squealed with delight as her daddy put this toy together. She could hardly wait to try it out!

This colorful toy offers three ways to play! Watch your little ones have fun learning as they dance along to the music and try their hand at bowling, basketball. and try their little feet at soccer, too!

Baby S is used to watching her brother play soccer, so she was very interested in trying to kick the cute little soccer ball into the soccer goal. Her little feet move pretty quickly, and she's working hard on that coordination to kick the ball into the net. The ball is just the right size for her to pick up and kick around by herself.

Go for the (basketball) goal!

The basketball goal is also a lot of fun, and the best part is, its height is adjustable. Little babes can sit on the floor and simply put the basketball through the hoop. S likes a bit of a challenge, and since she's a little older, we put the goal up to the top height and let her stand to reach the goal. She loves dropping the ball into the hoop and watching it hit the base, which also catches the ball so it doesn't roll away from you. As the ball goes through the hoop, the backboard lights up, makes sounds, and counts the goals! S loves the music and the encouragement that the toy gives back to her as she plays.

Even little ones can enjoy a night of bowling with the Light 'n Go 3-in-1 Sports Zone from Little Tikes!

Out of all of the fun ways to play with this awesome 3-in-1 toy, I think both of my kids love the bowling portion of the toy the most. This activity toy comes with a small 'bowling ball' (a lightweight plastic ball with the thumb and finger indentations, no actual holes), and five pins that simply flip back and up as they are 'knocked down'. The toy makes sounds similar to those you'd hear in a bowling alley, which is a lot of fun! Even my 6-year-old enjoys playing with the bowling part of this toy!

Kids can play together, enjoying different aspects of the toy at the same time.

I fully expected Baby S to love this toy, and was surprised that B really enjoyed it, too. Obviously, he is MUCH older than the recommended age this toy tops out at, but I was so excited to see that he wanted to play with his sister as they enjoyed this toy together. With three ways to play, it's easy for multiple children to enjoy this toy at the same time, which makes it perfect for siblings and friends. This would be a wonderful addition to your child's toy collection at home, or for a classroom, daycare class, grandparent's house, etc. This toddler toy folds up for easy storage, and can be tucked out of the way, and quickly brought back out for playtime. Just another reason to love this toy and love Little Tikes!

Product Features and Details

Triple the play - Dunk, kick and score with baby’s 3 favorite sports: basketball, soccer, and bowling!  The 3-in-1 Sports Center introduces your toddler to 3 sports: Basketball with adjustable height hoop to grow with your baby, Soccer to build gross motor skills and Bowling to introduce shapes, colors, and cause, and effect. The 3-in-1 Sports Center grows as your baby does!

This toy is going to be hot, hot, hot this holiday season! Be sure to bookmark it & our review so you'll know where to find it when you're ready to do some holiday shopping!

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Want it? Get it!

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Special thanks to Little Tikes for allowing me to share about their awesome 3-in-1 Sports Zone! 

Who do you know who'd love to play with this toy?

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