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Summer is winding down, and we're starting to get to that sweet spot in the temperatures where it's actually comfortable to be outside. I have waited months for this! Humidity is a bit lower, and temps are topping out in the 80's, rather than in the 90's. Can you tell that I prefer cold weather to hot weather? This is the time of year that I love to spend time outside with the kids- playing and getting lots of energy out. After a long day at school, B is always ready to come home and play, and I am struggling to find creative ways for him to get the wiggles out before we have to settle in for homework, reading, and our dinner and bedtime routine.

Thankfully, Little Tikes is offering me a big helping hand with some fun new active play products for the kiddos. Little Tikes has been providing kids and parents with fun and innovative ways to play since 1969. We've been big fans of Little Tikes toys since B was just a baby, and even Baby S has her own collection of Little Tikes toys. Their toys and play structures are among our favorites. They're sturdy, durable, and they provide endless hours of fun for kids of all ages.

 The newest active play product from Little Tikes- Pogo It!

We couldn't wait to try out Pogo It from Little Tikes. B loves toys that can be played with outside, especially things that he can bounce or balance on. This is an interactive game that in includes a pogo ball and balance board which lights up and makes cool sounds/plays music. Pogo It is a 2-in-1 game for kids ages 4-10, and as we discovered, can even be fun for grown ups! This is a one piece product, and also comes with a small pump that can be used to reinflate the pogo ball.

Hubby adds a bit of air to the pogo ball to get that perfect 'bounce'.

B was excited to try the Pogo It, but naturally a bit nervous. We did make sure that he wore his helmet the whole time he practiced with the Pogo It. We turned the board on and pressed the button to turn on the lights and sound. As soon as you press the button, the game turns on and asks you which game you want to play? Lean to the left to play one way, or to the right to play another way. B wanted to practice freestyle pogo jumping, so he leaned to the right and the game began right away, encouraging B to jump and keep at it! As the game continues, you can level up.

 Choose which side of the pogo ball you want to balance/jump on.

B held onto his Aunt Heidi for balance as he got his footing and tried the Pogo It out. He's six years old, and had a lot of fun bouncing on the shorter side of the pogo ball. He wasn't quite feeling up to trying the larger side of the ball, but his older cousins wanted to try it out.

 Cousin C was brave and tried out the flip side of the Pogo It (he's 12 years old and has huge feet!).

Some of the grown ups even tried out the Pogo It, and admitted that it was challenging for them to keep their balance on the board while trying to jump up and down. Everyone had a lot of fun testing it out. I think my husband secretly wishes that there was one of these for adults!

B was very perseverant and wanted to keep trying the Pogo It!

We found that the Pogo It works best on a smooth surface, like a driveway, though you could also use Pogo It in the grass. Little ones will probably want and need a hand until they become comfortable balancing on the Pogo It, but once they get the hang of it, they'll be able to bounce and balance all on their own. I have a feeling that we're going to be enjoying endless hours of balancing and pogo fun this fall!

Check out the Pogo It in action!

I had fun watching everyone try the Pogo It! I am very clumsy, so I knew better than to try it myself, ha!  This is one cool toy, though. If you've been looking for something new and fun for the kids to play with outside, this is the toy you want! It's perfect for those 'I'm bored' moments, a fun afternoon with friends and family, or for fun challenges! Grab a couple of these and kids can challenge each other, or they can play alone and try to beat the game!

Pogo It Features

Pogo-IT! is one of the only outdoor toys for children that raises active play to a new level with the ultimate challenge combining sports with electronic interactive gaming. This game grows with your tike as they master the beginner level then flip the ball over for an advanced challenge. How long can you  "Hop 'til You Drop?"


Pogo ball balance and electronic interactive game with lights, music and sounds for hours of active fun!
Kids active toy with 2 ways to play:
Hop 'til You Drop - Kids can Pogo IT anyway they want to keep the music playing. Once you stop, "Game Over."
Jump to the Beat - Kids listen to the command and jump in the direction given to score points.
Improves balancing skills, endurance, strength confidence
Motion sensing technology gets kids balancing, jumping and moving to score points
Master the game or challenge your friends to beat your highest score
This kids active toy grows with you! Flip the ball over for the advanced level when you're a pro!
Maximum weight limit: up to 105lbs.
Indoor/outdoor use
Ball pump included
Helmet not included
Requires 3 "AA" alkaline batteries (included)
Kids should always wear protective gear (helmet, elbow and knee pads) and clothing, including properly fitting helmet
Always wear shoes (sneakers) during use. Keep shoelaces tied and away from underside of the board
Use only on dry, smooth, flat paved surfaces and grass
Use in an open space away from other objects, furniture, and people; Do Not use near vehicular or other areas of heavy traffic

'Pogo It is the coolest!'

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to Little Tikes to learn more about the award-winning Pogo It or to purchase this cool interactive toy! 

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Special thanks to Little Tikes for allowing me to share about their awesome Pogo It! 
Look for it in our 2017 End of Summer Fun Guide.

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