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5 Ground Level Tips to Help Kickstart That Back Pocket Business Idea You've Been Carrying Around

This is a sponsored post. All thoughts shared are my own.

We've all heard the expression, "The early bird gets the worm." The bird pictured above was so early, he not only got the worm, he got every other bird's worm (aka his competition) as well. 

Starting a business can be intimidating, time-consuming and full of trial and error. I cannot tell you how often I hear about an idea that someone has and before they act on it, someone else gets the "worm". Keep reading below for five simple and practical ways that may just help you get your idea out of your back pocket and into the world of the consumer!

Step 1: Focus on ONE idea but look at the big picture. 
Try not to get caught up in the minute details of your business idea when you are just beginning the process of getting it off the ground. The opportunity for that will come, but for now, choose a specific lane or industry. Try to look further down the road at where you want to end up, or the "big picture" and create a road map so to speak to get you there.

   Step 2: Allocate specific time slots to focus on your idea.
Anything that has been successful has taken time. Whether you have a separate full-time job to think about or personal responsibilities to tend to, you will need to set aside slots of time in the day to focus on your business idea. Become organized with your time so that you can utilize it effectively.  

Step 3: Seek Feedback.
Criticism and even negative feedback are opportunities to grow. Shift your focus from only seeking positive critiques, to welcoming any and all feedback as it will help you become more well-rounded in your approach. Surround yourself with other entrepreneurs who may be further along in the process that you can learn from. 

Step 4: Build a Great Team.
It's rare for a successful business to become what it is by one individual alone. Carefully choose one or two individuals in the beginning that you trust to help you get your business started. 

Step 5: Know Your Customer.
Do research to figure out the exact demographic your business will reach. By doing so, you will then be able to learn everything possible about this audience so that you can best suit their needs. 

Starting a business can be daunting, but every step into the unknown usually is. Hold onto why you became passionate about this particular idea in the first place and keep your "why" close at hand. Accept mistakes as opportunities to learn and begin each new business relationship with integrity. The only sure way to fail is to never try! If you're considering starting your own business, get in touch with Martin J. Stallone, with his vast experience in business development, strategy, leadership and more!

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