Something New: Home Upgrades That Don't Break The Bank

There’s nothing quite like looking around your home and loving your décor. The lounge has been fully furnished and repainted. The entrance hall literally makes an entrance with soft lighting and a bureau for keys and letters. The kitchen has had its shiny new worktops installed and the ability to stand back and look at all the handiwork is the satisfying feeling you’ve been waiting for. The thing is, no matter how much you like the ‘shell’ of each room, with its furnishings, colours and beautifully tailored curtains, there are still changes that can be made.

Upgrading a home doesn’t always refer to ripping out the bathroom and replacing it with a whole new suite. It doesn’t always mean hiring in the contractors to pull the entire back wall down and build in an extension. Sometimes, an upgrade means looking at the leather sofa suite and deciding that perhaps a new fabric suite would be nice. Sometimes, it’s changing the kitchenware to reflect those amazing Le Creuset reviews you were reading at the weekend. Upgrades don’t always mean replacing the wallpaper and installing new windows. Upgrading can mean adding value, adding luxury or simply adding a little brightness to the house you call your home. Your home is an important asset, especially if you are looking to sell it at some point. However, until then you might want to do the miniature upgrades that can make you excited to come home after work and feel happy in the place you can relax.

If you are thinking about selling in the future, don’t be fooled by that misconception that you need to start stripping back and making huge changes. You can implement changes and upgrades to your home without trying to dig through your pockets for spare cash! If everything inside your home - including electrics and plumbing - is working correctly, then there’s no need to spend too much to refresh it and give it a little oomph. You can enjoy the upgrades you put into your home until that time comes to sell on, and we’ve put together some of these upgrades that won’t threaten you with bankruptcy.

Front Door. Go outside your house, shut the door (don’t forget the key!) and step back. Look at the exterior, from the roof to the floor. The first thing that is likely to draw your eye, is your front door. Ideally, you want to feel proud of the door you have – first impressions mean a lot – but if you’re spotting peeling paint, dirt patches and a doorbell that doesn’t work, this is the first place to spend your cash. You should feel like you’re stepping into a house that’s been loved, and the first place you will see that love is the front door. A fresh lick of paint, or even replacing the door from a bright blue one to a more modest wooden affair like these can dramatically change the look of your home.

Ceiling Fans. Not every room has them, but if yours don’t it may be time to add them in. If your fans are looking out of date or just not in-keeping with the style of your home, swap them out for something more modern, sleeker and a little more matching with the way your home is decorated. Not every room requires ceiling fans, but if you want to be more comfortable then why not go for it? They don’t just add value, but style!

Back Splash. Your kitchen backsplash may be looking a little tired or ‘scrubbed down’ from all the cleaning it’s endured over the years. There are so many ways you can update your kitchen, but stick on tiles like these are cheap without looking it and are perfect for a quick kitchen refresher. Keep it neutral when you go shopping, though, as they’re not exactly easy to take off again and you want to keep the look timeless. Bold colours have their place, but not on a kitchen backsplash – unless of course, that’s your taste!
Your home deserves the little things as well as it deserves the big things. Change the pots and pans every once in awhile, and buy new lightshades that show off the décor of the bedrooms. The smallest changes can have the biggest impact on the look of your home and by doing the small things, the bigger things seem less and less important. Be smart about your upgrades and your home will be looking sharp in no time at all.

What was the last home upgrade you invested in?

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