Increase The Seeming Size Of Your Living Space With These Simple Techniques

Speak to any home decorator, and they will be upfront about telling you - usually, the size of the space does not dictate how large the space feels. The idea can seem illogical and strange to say the least in the eyes of someone without much experience decorating rooms. Surely, the size of a room is the only and complete way of dictating how large the space feels? How on earth could you increase this feeling of space without resorting to knocking a wall through or commissioning a costly home extension?

Luckily, it needn’t be as difficult as you might imagine. With these home improvement top tips, as recommended by most professional decorators, you will be on your way to improving the living space you reside within. If selling your home, these tips could even help a property valuer understand the potential of your space, and the suggested price will reflect this feeling.


The furniture you use largely dictates the utility of your space, and how much movement area you have to traverse. However, having large or small furniture is only one half of the consideration. It’s also important to consider exactly how you’d like a visitor to move around your room, and that is dictated by the navigational directions your furniture promotes. Some room setups and sizes are naturally more or less awkward to move around, but depending on where you place your items, you can either decrease your increase its movement ease in kind.

For example, in small rooms, taking up a whole corner of the room for a television stand and unit can seem worthwhile, but it can dramatically reduce your space, especially considering the unutilized area that the corner will have behind it. Instead, consider placing the television on a wall mounted bracket, along with its side speakers.  

Instead of implementing a blocky and oversized sofa into the space, why not place a sleek, practical and comfortable Joybird sofa that doesn’t take up any more room than necessary, and only seats the amount of people who can comfortably reside in the small room? Place a mirror on one of the walls for an instant almost doubling of the space in your subconscious mind. Constantly consider how you can improve your space using the size and placement of your furniture, and your natural space will increase.


Not all rooms can have high ceilings, but all rooms can be well ventilated to give the impression of openness and unlimited feeling. It’s important to understand just how useful this can be. A feeling of spaciousness is often improved by the feeling of fresh air. This is because stuffy air is usually warm, stuffy and oppressive. Simply removing this with positive ventilation can help a tiny room feel that much more spacious. Consider opening a window, using ventilation bricks if extending a property, or simply purchasing an air filter to keep the room spacious and fresh. One of the benefits of allowing air in through a window is that it usually brings light with it during the day, and the space of a place is also vastly improved by how much light it brings in. Light, visible areas will seem clear, because shadows can oppress as much as any oversized piece of furniture.

These tips are sure to help you increase the seeming space of your home. You’ll notice the effects almost immediately.

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