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Make No Mistake: Tips To Prevent A Misdiagnosis


Doctors are only human, just like us, so it’s not completely infeasible for them to get something wrong when they are trying to diagnose their patients. More often than not, this doesn’t cause too much worry as the correct diagnosis can be quickly given once they realize their mistake. They can then give the patient the right medication to clean up their health condition.

However, there are some times when a misdiagnosis can go on for a long time and can actually make a patient’s health a lot worse. So, there is no wonder that so many people are worried about misdiagnosis and try to ensure that they help their doctor give the best possible diagnosis possible.

Is this something that you worry about? Read on to find out some great tips for next time you see your doctor.

Ask Plenty Of Questions

During the consultation, you need to ask your doctor plenty of questions so that you get as much information about your condition as possible. For example, you should ask the different possible things that it might be and why they have ruled out the ones they don’t think it is. There are lots of people who should not have died from an illness that could have been cured but did as the result of a prolonged misdiagnosis. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, it is paramount that you quiz your doctor to ensure that they are completely satisfied with their diagnosis.

Be Prepared To Speak Your Mind

Many doctors are extremely busy and don’t have a whole load of time to give to each individual patient. Because of this, you might feel like they are rushing you. However, it is important that you don’t let them rush you out of your appointment. Be confident and get ready to speak your mind if you aren’t completely happy with what they tell you.

Always Ask To See Lab And Blood Results

Normally, when a doctor carries out lab or blood tests, they will only be in touch with you if there is something to worry about in the results. However, it is important that you see your results even if your doctor thinks that there is nothing to worry about. If you call up your local practice, the receptionist should be able to send you a copy.

Ask For A Second Opinion

Got a bad feeling about the diagnosis that your usual doctor has given you? Then there is nothing wrong with getting a second opinion from a different doctor. Don’t worry, this won’t offend your usual doctor as getting a second opinion is quite common. If there are a few doctors working in your local surgery, you could simply ask to see one of them. However, if there is only your family doctor, then you might have to get in touch with a completely different doctor’s practice or the local hospital.

Don’t panic if you find out you have been misdiagnosed; they are often very easy to remedy.

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