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We're getting ready to wrap up the month of August in a few days, and it'll be time for Baby S to go to Day School. My sweet little girl will go to school for three hours a day, two days a week, and I'll admit... it's going to be a tough transition for the both of us. As we think through some of the items we need for sending her off to school, we're trying to get her to feel comfortable with a sippy cup that she actually likes and wants to drink from.

Baby S is still nursing off and on, though she doesn't mind using cups. We've tried so many different styles of sippy cups, and we've had trouble finding one that's 'just right' for her. She doesn't want to have to work too hard to get to the liquid, and I don't want to have to deal with spills when she inevitably winds up frustrated and throws the cup to the floor. Thankfully, Chicco is changing the way we both feel about sippy cups. With a new NaturalFit collection of mix and match cups and lids, you're bound to find just the right combination for your little one.

Chicco NaturalFit 2-Pack Insulated Flip Top, 2-Pack 360-degree 9 oz. Rim Trainer Cup, and 360-degree 7 oz. Rim Trainer Cup with Handles

We have aquired quite the fabulous collection of sippy cups from Chicco! The NaturalFit collection from Chicco allows you to mix and match the cups and lids for a custom cup that's just right for your child! Now, for all of the cups we've tried and decided we didn't like (for various reasons), it seemed to us as though Chicco incorporated all of the element we did like about other cups we've tried, and perfected them.

Baby S chills with her 7 oz Trainer Cup by Chicco.

We weren't sure which cup to try first. Before mixing them up and changing out the lids, I thought I would offer them to S as they were. She really seemed to like the 360 degree 7 oz Rim Trainer with Handles. 7 oz is a great size for her at home. She doesn't usually drink more than 5-6 oz at a time, so this eliminates waste if I forget that the cup has been sitting out for a while. The rim allows S to experience sipping from the cup itself. There's a protective layer that allows her to take sips from the cup without anything spilling. She prefers to drink from a regular cup, but it would be impractical to hand her a regular cup when we're in the car, etc. This cup allows her to drink from a cup without making a mess. The handles are optional- you can add them if and when you need to. S seemed to like them, so I left them on. I think it helped her achieve the right angle for premium sippage. 

S loves the cute design on the 360 7 oz Rim Trainer with Handles, and loves that it's easy to grasp.

S also really loves sipping from straws, but we've had a terrible time finding sippy cups with straws that don't leak! So many of them claim that they're spill-proof or leak-proof, and Chicco is the first brand that has actually proven that statement to be true of their sippy cups with straws. Not only that, I need to make sure that the lids are tight-fitting and will stay on securely.

The NaturalFit Insulated Cups with Flip Tops are perfect for taking along on the go!

The Flip Top cups are the easiest ones for us to take along in the car. There's no questioning whether or not S is having any trouble getting her drink out of the cup. The flip top easily opens and reveals an in-set straw. The straw gives S easy access to her beverage. Since these cups are insulated, I don't usually think twice about bringing milk along for the ride. The cups keep the milk at a nice, safe temperature on hot summer days.

The 9 oz cups work the same as the 7 oz rimmed trainer cup, allowing S to drink from the rim like she would a regular cup. Again, these cups are perfect for little ones who don't like 'sippy cups,' have trouble with straws or spouts, or who just want to drink from a big cup, but still need assistance. We mainly use these cups at home, and I will likely purchase an additional set so S can have one of these trainer cups at each of her grandparents houses. 

All of the Chicco NaturalFit Cups are interchangable. The lids and handles and be remove and swapped, so that you achieve a custom cup that's just right for your child. The cups (except for the flip top ones) come with thin lids that pop right over the tops, making them very transportable.

I'm very thankful to have these fantastic sippy cups in our lives right now. As we prepare to send S off to Day School, I'll be happy knowing that I can send any one of these leak-proof sippy cups with her, and she won't have any issues drinking while she's away from home. The cups are dishwasher safe, though I prefer to wash them by hand, using a bottle brush. I always take the cups completely apart to avoid any mold or mildew trappings.

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Chicco® NaturalFit® 2-Pack Insulated Flip Top 9 oz. Straw Cup in Pink/Purple &
Chicco® NaturalFit® 2-Pack 360-degree 9 oz. Rim Trainer Cup in Pink/Teal

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