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When it comes to healthy snacks for my kids, I always seek out the very best: the best taste, quality, value, and of course, products that my kids will actually want to eat. My kids are total opposites when it comes to what they like to eat. B is incredibly picky about what he'll eat, and Baby S is very adventurous and loves to try new foods. One thing that they do have in common, is that they both love fruit. They take after their momma, who also loves fruit. Fruit is such a wonderful, healthy snack, but it's not always easy to take with us or pack in a lunch box with out a bunch of prep beforehand.

When B was just a little guy, we found Buddy Fruits in the grocery store and were intrigued by their pure blended fruit, packaged in convenient grab and go pouches. We decided to give them a try and found that our picky eater loved Buddy Fruit blends. We often stocked up on their original blended fruit pouches and found that they were perfect for any time of day- as a compliment to a meal or for a healthy snack. Now that we have a toddler in the family again, we're falling in love with Buddy Fruits all over again, and discovering some new to us Buddy
Fruits products, perfect for little hands, and great for lunch boxes, too!

Buddy Fruits was conceived by three moms from France who were on a vacation in the US and found it incredibly difficult to find convenient, healthy snacks for their kids. In Europe, healthy snacks were everywhere. They came up with the idea to share the convenient fruit pouches that their families loved with families in the US, and Buddy Fruits came to life in 2009. Since then Buddy Fruits has grown and expanded their line of products from Original Fruit Blend (pouches) to Fruit Tubes, and Veggie Blends.

Buddy Fruits Originals and Buddy Fruits & Veggies- perfect pouches for wholesome snacks on the go!

There are a lot of reasons to love Buddy Fruits Originals & Buddy Fruit & Veggies pouches. They are 100% fruit blends- or fruit & veggie blends, and that's it- pure and simple. There are no artificial ingredients in any Buddy Fruits products, and when you turn the packaging over to look at the ingredients, you know exactly what they are: pure fruits, veggies, fruit juices, etc... nothing else, and no scary ingredients that you can't pronounce. These are products you can feel good about giving to your kids.

Baby S loves her Buddy Fruits Originals, and Buddy Fruits & Veggies!

The Buddy Fruits Originals and Buddy Fruits & Veggies pouches are amazing. They're perfectly sized for little hands and little tummies, offering 3.2 oz of pure fruit/fruit and veggie blends each. This is a great size for snack time, or for serving alongside a meal. We're on the go a lot, and I love keeping Buddy Fruits on hand in the pantry. It's so easy to grab a pouch and put it in the diaper bag or my purse for a quick snack or emergency meal. I keep one in the diaper bag at all times and am quick to replace it once it gets eaten.

The Buddy Fruit Originals and Buddy Fruits & Veggies blends are so tasty! Baby S loves the applesauce blends, as well as mango, and the sweet potato, apple & blueberry flavors. Even I tend to take a little taste every now and then, and who says that they have to be strictly for babies or kids? A friend of mine loves to purchase these pouches and take them to work for a quick healthy snack when she's stuck at her desk all day.

More Buddy Fruits? Yes, please!

Who wouldn't love these yummy fruit blends...
Orchard Blend Apple
Apple & Strawberry
Apple & Multifruit
Apple & Blueberry
Apple & Banana
Banana & Mango
Apple Cinnamon

For my older child, Buddy Fruits Fruit Tubes are perfect for the lunch box!

My six-year-old is the one who usually gives me grief over what he'll eat. Packing school lunches aren't always easy with a limited sphere of foods to choose from. Lucky for me, he loves fruit and thinks that Buddy Fruits Fruit Tubes are really cool. B's school is very focused on helping parents understand the importance of well balanced, healthy snacks and meals being sent for their kids to eat during the school day. I love to create a snack and lunch menu and offer up a little variety in B's lunch box. The Fruit Tubes are wonderful because B can open them himself, and just squeeze the blended fruit right out to eat it. Snack time only lasts 10 minutes, and this is a quick snack that he doesn't have to worry about not having time to finish.

The Fruit Tubes come in a variety of different flavors like Orchard Blend Apple, Apple & Mixed Berries, and Banana Berry.

Each box of Buddy Fruits Fruit Tubes contains 8 individual blended fruit puree Fruit Tubes.

The Fruit Tubes, much like the pouches are shelf safe and can be stored at room temperature. These Fruit Tubes are so yummy! I am a lover of applesauce, so I snagged one of the Orchard Apple Fruit Tubes the other night to enjoy alongside my pork tenderloin. It was delicious! B has come home from school asking for more Fruit Tubes, which is fantastic! I would much rather hand over a healthy Fruit Tube than a couple of cookies.

Buddy Fruits products are A+ in my book, and we'll be purchasing more pouches and tubes of their delicious fruit blends once we run out. They've been a sanity-saver already and we're just two weeks into the new school year!

These two love their Buddy Fruits snacks, and your kids will, too!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Buddy Fruits to learn more about their wonderful products, the Buddy Fruits story, and mission. Plus, check out Buddy Fruits' fantastic partnership with Crayola! Look for Buddy Fruits products in a store near you or purchase Buddy Fruits online.

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Special thanks to Buddy Fruits for allowing me to share about their wonderful products and for offering this fun Back to School giveaway for our readers. Look for Buddy Fruits in our 2017 Back to School Guide.

Good luck!


  1. My kids would like "Apple, Carrot and Orange"

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  3. My kids would like the apple blend.

  4. I think banana mango would be a hit!

  5. Apple and mixed berry would be a top pick.

  6. They would love the Apple, strawberry

  7. I think my son would love the apple and mixed berry flavor.

  8. My kids would like any flavor.

  9. Apple multifruit
    Tracie brown

  10. Apple - Blueberry and Apple - Banana would be my granddaughter's favorites.


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