Common Health Concerns for Women and How to Keep Them at Bay

While we might get any diagnosis regardless of our gender, certain problems are more common for women - just like men have their share of challenges as well. The more we know about the threats to our health, the easier it will be to stay educated and do something about it. Many of these tend to come with age, which means that there might be preventative measures we can take already to live happy and healthy as senior citizens in many years from now.



Women are twice as likely to suffer from depression compared to men. While there are several explanations behind this and some of them point to biological reasons, such as women simply having a stronger genetic predisposition for developing it - as well as the fact that women tend to have more hormonal turbulence, especially after childbirth and around menopause.

There are psychological and sociocultural explanations as well, which we’re not going to dwell deeper into now but you’re welcome to read more about it here. It’s kind of interesting.

Regardless of the reason, women are twice as likely to be depressed compared to men, and the more we know about it, the easier it will be to notice the symptoms. A healthy diet, active weekdays, and a mind that allows itself to relax and feel the present moment makes you stronger when the clouds gather and ready to face challenges with ease.

Keep yourself healthy, surround yourself with friends and family every day, and remember that talking to a therapist is soul soothing even if you’re not suffering from depression.


44 million Americans are struggling with osteoporosis, and well over half of these are women. It’s largely preventable, though, should we believe the doctors - and most of what we’re able to do right now will determine the strength of our bones when we’re a bit older. Exercise and focus on building strength in your body; weight-bearing exercises are excellent for your bones, as well as muscle-building ones.

Your body needs calcium and will start to help itself from your bone mass unless you give it what it wants. While you’re still relatively young, focus on eating dark green vegetables, canned sardines with bones, and low-fat dairy products.

We should be able to get the amount we need by eating right, but you might want to supplement if you’re especially at risk. Read a few AlgaeCal reviews and testimonials before you make up your mind - and remember to always talk to your doctor before taking any new supplements.

Autoimmune Disorders

This umbrella term hosts a variety of illnesses which turns the immune system to attack your body and alter its tissue. You’ll find multiple sclerosis in this category, as well as lupus and type 1 diabetes. In all fairness, we don’t know enough about autoimmune disorders yet to be able to give any preventative tips quite yet; genetic factors might be at play, as well as environmental and hormonal.

If you suspect that something is wrong with you or a loved one, it’s important that you insist on being taken seriously. Visit multiple doctors if that’s what it takes, and don’t stop until you’re being heard properly.

Even though we can’t stop aging and certainly can’t control time, the best prevention is to focus on staying healthy, happy, and always take a health concern seriously.

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