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6 Jobs To Tackle Around The Home Before The End of Year Holidays

We may be many weeks away from the kids’ favorite time of the year, but it’s a pretty good time to tackle those chores that bore! Getting the house ready for the cold weather ahead of time means you are prepared for even a harsh winter. They may not be our favorite tasks to take on, but once they’re done, you can relax and enjoy those end of year holidays even more. Come on - what are you waiting for!

Draught Prevention - Doors
Over the course of the year, your doors have each been opened and closed hundreds of times. The draught excluders around the edge of the frame have undoubtedly worn. You can replace them or add to them as required. Some are fuzzy and soft so they can help stop your heat escaping. Others are spongy and rubbery. These are best suited to the doors or windows where rain water falls most often.

Draught Prevention - Windows
Your windows could also do with a touch up before that cold wind blows. Dampen your hand to feel where the air is leaking in. Alternatively, try a young feather, or a strand of tissue paper. You can buy sealants on the market to fill in any gaps that you find. They most often occur under window sills and around the outer edge of frames. Repairing or replacing the rubber seals in the window can help too.

Heating System Check
Check your heating is working well ahead of actually needing it! Check every radiator or vent is hot and give them a quick clean up. Even if you’ve remodeled lately, it’s worth checking the new part of the heating system is working well. Use the manual for your boiler to verify the pressures are within normal tolerance. If they’re not, follow the manual instructors or call out your engineer. It’ll be cheaper now than in the grip of a cold snap.

Pipe Protection
If you’ve never looked at your loft, boiler and basement piping before, now is a good time to check there are no leaks or damage. You can set up a heat trace system to ensure your pipes don’t freeze and burst inside your house. If you think there is a leak somewhere, get it fixed quickly. Drips can stain, and the damp can become moldy.

Clear The Drains
Overflowing guttering in a downfall can erode your brick work and even penetrate your home. This leaves damp patches and can turn to mold. Clear them all out, and make sure each of your drains is completely clear of debris. Rainwater should be free to drain away, so you don’t suffer hazardous standing water.

Winter Bedding
Where do you keep all of your winter bedding? If you’ve had a hot summer, you might only have needed a top sheet for a while. Many people vacuum pack their heavier quilts, blankets, and duvets. They then get pushed to the back of a closet or even shoved up into the attic. Make sure you know where they are and can access them if there is a sudden drop in temperature.

There may be a few jobs to do, but getting them done now means fewer tasks later on.

Are you ready for winter?

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