Remodeling? Make It Kid-Friendly!

When you get the chance to transform your home, it makes sense to grab that chance with both hands. A tired home is one that needs a lot of TLC and finding the time among a busy family life isn’t easy! A remodel, even just of one room, can be time-consuming and stressful, and when you have children running around your feet it can send you off the edge of sanity.

Planning a remodel if you are running a busy home often means you have more to plan than usual, especially if you are renovating one of the key rooms in the home. The bathroom and kitchen often need an update, and trying to manage the renovation with young children is going to be a challenge. Making it as kid-friendly as possible is the way forward and with our tips, you can manage just that.

Safety. With any home project, the safety of the children is at the top of the priority list. Having young children means watching for safety concerns. Replacing the windows? Don’t forget to replace the child locks. Keep furniture that is moved aside away from windows and if you can’t manage that, keep the children away from the room being changed at the time. Of course, you can look for top interior designers near you to save yourself some trouble. This way, you can be focused on the children while the designers coordinate all the work.

Surfaces. One thing that most parents can agree on is that cleaning the carpets in the home is so much harder with children. The unpredictability of spills and muddy shoes being tracked through the home is not easy to cope with, so it makes sense to take up all the carpets and replace the surfaces with easy-to-clean options like laminate flooring. Make sure you get the best, child-friendly surface upgrades for your home and the best for your money, too.

Upholstery. If your redesign is more about the furnishings and the artwork on the walls, then you’ll need to discuss the fabrics with your designer and get the right furniture in that works best for your family. Get leather accented seating suites and artwork that is high enough to not be reached by small hands. Leather is wipe-clean as a material and there’s no use spending money on fabric couches if they’re just going to get sticky and stained.

Clear-Out. When you are remodelling a room in the home, keep the floor and toy areas as tidy as possible so that you aren’t falling over yourself trying to get to the areas that need renovating. Kids don’t need to be around hammers and nails and a kid-friendly renovation is entirely possible.

Lastly, you should try and get the children out of the home during a renovation if possible. There is no better time than now to head for a sleepover at Grandma’s for the very first time! Safety is paramount, as is the finish of your home! Don’t leave either to chance.

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