Our LEGOLAND Florida Adventure: Part II

Thank you again to LEGOLAND Florida for providing our family complimentary park tickets in exchange for sharing our honest thoughts. All opinions shared are my own.

Hopefully, you were able to catch yesterday's LEGOLAND Florida post, which was Part I of our LEGOLAND Florida visit recap. If not, you can find LEGOLAND Florida- the Ultimate Experience for LEGO Lovers: Part I, here. We had an incredible day at LEGOLAND Florida, and loved every minute of each display, show, ride, and experience. LEGOLAND Florida was perfect for our little LEGO enthusiast, B (6 years old), and there were also plenty of fun things for Baby S (15 months) to explore and enjoy, making this the perfect day trip for the whole family.

I previously shared how we spent our morning at LEGOLAND Florida. We spent a lot of time in LEGO NINJAGO World, and it rocked our socks off! We actually went back into LEGO NINJAGO World (new for 2017) before leaving the park at the end of the day. After doing a lot of ninja training, we had all worked up our appetites and needed to grab some lunch. We headed over to a LEGOLAND restaurant, the LEGO CITY Burger Kitchen for burgers and chicken tenders.

Yummy burgers, fries, and a Kids Lunch Box to share at LEGO CITY Burger Kitchen.

There are tons of places to eat at LEGOLAND Florida- full restaurants, snack bars, ice cream shops, and more! We felt that the food was reasonably priced, and tasted great! The kids were happy to have their own lunch boxes with chicken tenders, fruit cups, and drinks. After we got our grub on and cooled off in the air conditioning, we were ready to face the heat and head back out to ride more rides!

The Technicycle in the LEGO TECHNIC area of the park was so much fun!

B and Sacha on the AQUAZONE Wave Racers in LEGO TECHNIC

LEGO TECHNIC had a bunch of cool rides that B and hubby wanted to check out. S and I hung out in the TECHNIC TOT SPOT, a shaded area with soft play structures for little kids. S was glad to have the opportunity to run and play while her big bro and daddy went on the rides. She met some baby friends and had a blast playing with them. We did get wet in the LEGO TECHNIC area. The AQUAZONE Wave Racers are over the water, and if you're standing near the ride to watch, you will be splashed!

Baby S, playing in the TECHNIC TOT SPOT

LEGOLAND is so much fun- even for the littlest LEGO fans!

From TECHNIC, we headed over to the Imagination Zone. This was all indoors and air conditioned. Baby S was a bit dehydrated, so we spent a good bit of time here so she could nurse and cool down. It was 97 degrees out and felt more like 110! Imagination Zone was the perfect place to play, explore, and cool off. It houses several lego 'pits,' which you can sit in and build to your heart's content! There are lots of benches to sit on, a fun LEGO arcade, classrooms, and more! B immediately went over to the area where you can build your LEGO race cars, and then race with other builders on the ramp.

 B, working on building his LEGO race car.

 Racing cars down the raceway ramp!

 S enjoyed the Water Zone, where we built colorful LEGO fish and watched them come to life on screen right before our eyes!

B just had to get a picture with his favorite LEGO character of all- LEGO Batman!

Just outside Imagination Zone, we rode the Kid Power Towers, where we used our own strength to pull ourselves up to the top of the towers, and then let go of the ropes to 'free fall' to the bottom. This was quite a workout!

Next, we headed over to LEGO CITY, where we had a lot of fun playing with LEGO CITY vehicles! There were fires to put out, and there was LEGO Driving School to attend!

 Rescue Academy was a blast!

The guys enjoyed Rescue Academy, where they had to pump the fire trucks to reach the burning building, and then race to put the fire out with real water!

B, driving his very own LEGO car at the Ford Jr. Driving School.

B loved driving school at LEGOLAND! All little drivers had to obey the rules of the road, and were each issued their own LEGO driver's license at the end of the course. If the wait hadn't been so long at this experience, Bwould have wanted to do this one again, He can't wait until he's old enough to go to the driving school for older kids at LEGOLAND.

We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the rest of the LEGOLAND Florida park. There was still so much to see! We headed over to LEGO Kingdoms, where B got to joust on a LEGO horse, and become a LEGO Knight! We also rode Merlin's Challenge, which was a ton of fun! We tried to get B to go on the Dragons ride, but he thought it would be too scary... maybe next time!

 B, enjoying his horse ride!

A photo exiting LEGO Kingdoms- this was such a cool part of the park!

The guys really wanted to ride the Quest for Chi ride in the World of Chima. While they went on this water ride (they got soaked!), I took Baby S over to DUPLO Valley, where there were lots of fun things for little tots to enjoy.

DUPLO Valley- just for the little ones!

S, having fun building with ginormous DUPLOs!

Before we left the park, we went on the carousel one last time, and of course- we stopped in at The Big Shop- the ultimate LEGO Store!

 Anything and everything a LEGO lover could ever hope to find is in this store!

The Big Shop was filled with all types of LEGO merchandise, from sets to costumes and souvenirs. B chose a new NINJAGO LEGO set, and Baby S got her very first DUPLO set! They were both troopers all day, and had such a fun time! We were really bummed that we weren't able to go to the water park. We had tickets for the water park, but there just wasn't enough time to enjoy LEGOLAND in its fullness, and visit the water park in one day. Next time, we'll devote two days to both parks, so we can enjoy them both.

We had the best time at LEGOLAND Florida. It's not hard to see why it's such a well-loved place, and such a huge draw for families. We absolutely can't wait to go back to LEGOLAND!

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LEGOLAND Florida opens at 10 am, and the park closes at 7 pm. Explore the LEGOLAND Florida website to plan your day at LEGOLAND. Check out all of the LEGOLAND Florida rides, shops, places to eat, cool LEGO experiences, and more! Check out the LEGOLAND Family Guide for helpful information.

Minifigure Trading at LEGOLAND

Don't forget to bring your minifigures! You can trade minifigures with designated LEGOLAND staff in the LEGOLAND Florida park through out the day. Bring completed minifigures that you wish to trade, and go home with new to you mini figures! If you forget to bring your minifigures, you can purchase minifigures at the park, and then trade them for others.

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