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Moving House With Kids: Make The Experience A Nice One

If you plan on moving house with your children, there are a number of different ways that you can turn this (possibly) negative experience into an exciting one instead.
Here's how.

Paint a picture
This can mean either metaphorically or literally. Being able to visualize you and your child's future together, is not only a wonderful bonding moment, but it allows room for your child to adjust mentally, and even have something to look forward to. Talk about how you can decorate their bedroom. Ask what colors they want it to be, and what theme it should have.
Talk about the park that's just down the street from your new house - you can have picnics there and games of soccer in the sun, etc.

Conquer the unknown
One scary aspect for anyone is not knowing what is going to happen - fear of the unknown. Tell your kids about the new people they will be coming in contact with, like the local moving services - so no one is a stranger. Familiarize your children with where you plan on moving to. - Look at photos online together, take a drive to the neighborhood, and let them visit it when you do. That way they know exactly what to expect, from the size, to the style, and even to what their new bedrooms will be like.

Visit the new school
You may not be moving far enough to require changing schools, but if you are, make sure you visit the place a few times so your children get used to the area. Being the newbie in school is never a nice time for kids. It's scary; they don't know anyone yet, and they don't know where to go. One way you can make it easier is to talk with other parents, and introduce the kids to one another so they have some friendly faces on the first day.

Give them some control
No matter what age you are, no one likes the feeling of not having any control over their lives. It's a worrying thought that can cause a lot of anxiety and stress, so you want to avoid making your child feel like this at all costs. Let them have a say, for example, when shopping for new furniture, ask them their opinion and let them choose their own wardrobe and light sources to go in their bedroom. As simple as it may sound to you, it will be a very important role for your little ones, and they will appreciate the responsibility.

Things won't change
Of course, this will depend on what areas you are looking at, but just because the house is going to be different, doesn't mean their whole lives are changing, and it's so important to remind them of that because that's exactly how they will be feeling. They are still living with you; they still have their favorite toys, teddies, and story books. They can still eat their best-loved dinners, and put on their soft PJs after a hot bath. And they will still get a good night kiss from you when it's time for bed.

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