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Moving Home? Steer Clear Of These Hidden, Annoying Costs

Moving home is an effort in both physical stress, mental pondering, and financial investment. Coming to terms with moving can be difficult in itself, even if you’re off to pastures new. Many people, especially stable family units, dislike the huge amount of change a move to a new location to bring, even if it’s in their interest. It’s hard to blame them. Moving an entire life can prove quite a scary prospect. While you come to terms with the responsibilities that need to be carried out to move, it’s likely that you could be unaware of a range of financial pitfalls that can befall you if you’re not observant.

Moving house is expensive enough, and that’s not even to mention all of the additional fees setting up and running your new household (especially if having to re-mortgage.)  Don’t let these following fees hit you as a result of general ignorance, or being sold something you don’t need.

Moving Insurance

Many times, hiring a removal firm to move your belongings from one place to another is completely insured, and the safest way of doing things. However, you might decide that you’d like to pack your items yourself. However, if you do this, many removal companies will not be happy insuring your declared contents. This is because they can’t verify the belongings, or that you’ve even packed the items correctly. For this reason, a lost or damaged item in transit might not be covered by your moving plan.

Of course, for some items, this wouldn’t be a problem, and the cost of having certain items packed isn’t worth it. For larger furniture or electrical items though, it might be worth hiring the company to pack them for you, and as a result, the sole responsibility from start to finish lies with the transit firm. It’s down to your discretion which funding source you’d like to allocate more of your budget towards, but just beware, a bad decision could cost you.


When being shown around a new home, real estate agents are usually quick to hide the weaknesses of a property. We mustn't assume they are being deceptive, as this is just the method that all salespeople use to ascertain a purchase. Gently shifting of your awareness is much more different than willful obfuscation.

Areas where they might decide to use this include general low-cost disrepair that might take an investment to put right when you enter the property. For a real estate agent who isn’t as aware, it might even be subtle subsidence that has gone unnoticed. Use a home inspection service to get over this issue, and you’re likely to be much more certain in your peace of mind. These professionals can help you ascertain if a property is up to speed in numerous areas, including damp, rot, structural integrity as well as the plumbing and electrical setup quality.

Knowing about a problem now could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the future, so be careful and use your best foresight.
These tips will help you save money that can be best spent celebrating your new life with the family.

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