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Give Your Boring Home a Modern Twist

One of the things that a lot of people really struggle with in their home is the fact that it can be very difficult to make the place feel exciting. In fact, a lot of homes can end up being fairly bland, drab, and well, boring! This is because a lot of the time people tend to play it safe with the design of their home and stick to pretty traditional ideas rather than trying anything a bit more exciting. After all, if you don't take any risks, then things are much less likely to go wrong, right? Well, sure but in reality, this just means that too many homes end up looking pretty dull and generic. If you want your home to feel more interesting, then you've got to be willing to try something a bit different. With that in mind, here are some ways you can bring some modern flourishes to your home.


Color is the place where most people end up feeling very unsure when they're decorating their homes. Be honest, how often do you walk into a home and actually see some color on the walls? It's probably not that often. This is because people tend to stick with things like white and magnolia because it's pretty to go wrong with such plain colors. But that also means that your home is never going to have any real personality. Instead, why not pick one wall of your living room to turn into a feature wall. The rest of the walls can be white but make that one a vibrant yellow or a rich burgundy. Sure, that might sound extreme, but as long as you have enough light and the white walls around it to reflect it, it's not going to overpower the room. Instead, it will just make the whole room much more exciting. If your home is looking too dim, installing under cabinet puck lights can reduce shadows cast from overhead lighting.

Wall stickers
Having customised stickers for a wall or door can have a huge impact on the look and feel of a room. It's true, some home spaces benefit from murals and decals more than others. The walls for a childs nursery can be transformed from the bland to colourful and inviting and bound to help your child feel like they want to spend time playing and learning in the new look space.

This approach is generally quite affordable without the need to pick up a paint brush or replace expensive furnishings. 


Do you ever have that moment where you walk into a room and think "hey, I have that coffee table!"? Then realise that you also have the same lamp, sofa, dining table, bookcase, and before you know it you realise that your home is essentially one big IKEA showroom, just like everyone else's? This is an increasingly common problem because of how much of a monopoly big companies like IKEA have. If you want your home to feel more interesting then why not look elsewhere. These coffee table sets can let you bring a touch of trendy industrial flair to your home in a way that other people may not have. Not only will it make your home stand out but it gives you whole new options for how to furnish your home.   


The same goes for the decor. Never by decorations from large stores. If you do, then you're just going to end up with a home that looks the same as thousands of others. Instead, why not go to thrift stores or little antique shops. You won't often end up having to spend more money than you would otherwise, and you'll end up with something much more interesting and unique to hang on your wall.
You can also quickly and easily create your own unique custom home decor items. Why not whip up some statement throw pillows with some heat transfer vinyl, add some vinyl to a flower vase, or get a wifi photo frame to display your favorite iphone photos. Remember it will be important to use the best HTV on the market to ensure that your hard work of your DIY home decor projects lasts in the long run

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