Love at First Sight

I am a hopeless romantic. I believe that every relationship one has throughout their life leads them to the one person they will spend their life with.  I believe that love at first sight exists. Chris on the other hand believes it is more about a moment that makes you realize the one you are with is the one, but it cannot be at first sight.   

Not much one for reality television, I find myself engrossed in Married at First Sight.  For those that are unfamiliar with the show: the premise is that people unlucky in love turn to experts to match them to another person sight unseen until the day they get married.  Essentially, they marry a stranger and learn to build a relationship from there.  It is considered a social experiment that ends if they choose after 8 weeks. 

While I can understand that much of the show can be staged, one can see true emotion throughout the episodes.  I find myself cheering for the couples I want to stay together or crying with the ones that got their hearts broken.  Where do you stand on love at first sight?  Is there any such thing?  Have you experienced it or are you still waiting? 

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