It’s Time To Gut That Garage And Put It To Good Use!

We all have that one space in the house that is full to the brim with junk. It starts off as somewhere that you store pieces you don’t have room for or old memories. But before long, it becomes a dumping ground for anything and everything. Sometimes it’s your basement or your attic, but when it’s your garage, you may find that you’re not getting as much use out of it as you could be. Whether you’re looking to sell your house and need to clear it anyway, or you want to be able to start utilizing it more, it’s time to clear it out and sort it out once and for all.

Start With A Big Sort Out

First of all, you need to tackle the mess. The thought may terrify you, and it is likely to be a big job, but if you don’t get to work and just make a start, it will always just stay that. You’re going to want to sort through everything so that you know what you want to keep and store, what you should throw out, and what you’re going to donate to charity. Plus, when you finally do make that start, you should feel a whole lot better for it.

Then Get Cleaning

When the clearing process is finally done, regardless of whether it takes you two days or two months, you should then start cleaning. If your garage has been used as a dumping ground for a while, the chances are, when you remove everything, it needs a good old scrub. So make sure that you’re able to sweep the floors, brush down the walls and through disinfect any areas that need it.

Secure What You Can

With a clean and shiny room, you should then think about any DIY and maintenance that you need to do. If you’ve used your garage as storage for years and years, you may find that animals have found their way in and you’re going to want to make sure that it doesn’t happen in the future. So, start fixing. You may also need to ensure that doors and windows are secure if you’re planning on starting to use it properly.

Upgrade A Few Areas

Then, you might want to think about some of the upgrades that you need to make it a functional and working garage. You may want to look at garage door openers to keep it secure and allow easy access if you’re planning on keeping your car in there now. You may also want to look at replacing the internal door or any broken or draughty windows that are no longer holding up.

Stick To A New Storage System

Finally, it could also be useful to consider the storage systems that will work for what you need going forwards. Whether you’re looking to store a few things here still, or just put in some of the tools, paints, or DIY essentials that are typically found in a garage, a neat and tidy storage system will ensure it’s all kept safe and secure.

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