Selling Your House: A Budget For Maximum Reward

In the world of real estate selling, the absolutist approach to getting the most money for your home is to in place the standard modern appeals that buyers want nowadays. The fair assessment of buyer’s psychology is that you shouldn’t have to pay extra for the extra bits. This is because there’s already a housing shortage across the Western world as populations continue to grow by immigration and people living longer. On top of this, the younger generation feels worse off from their parents with the task of getting on the housing ladder because their budget is a lot smaller. The next step in understanding the appetite and needs of general buyers is to market the conditions of your property and how it competes with the rest. Once you know your home’s value, you can then set about trying to nail down a comfortable price. However, there are some simple things which you can do to your home on a strict budget, before you call in a surveyor who will set the price via their expert knowledge.

Play with light
The brighter a room is, the more spacious it seems to the eye. Seeing as you’re on a budget and want bang for buck, Style over function is not going to be your forte. Re-doing the walls such as wallpaper and painting is an expensive and time-consuming task. Therefore rather than recasting the image of the house with newer walls, play with the lighting. Budget hanging lights of all shapes, sizes, and designs can bring new style into any home. As they are suspended and not fixed as traditional lights, the rooms feel a lot more fluid, open and less rigid. A traditional, large Victorian walnut mirror in the center of the living room reverberates the sunset in the morning and amplifies natural light in the room.  


The standard guts of the home
What makes a modern home feel comfortable is the basic feeling of well, comfort. Floors that have cracks in them, creek, and or have rough and old fashioned materials are a big sign of an outdated home. The easy remedy to this is to fit affordable yet modern flooring such as wood or carpet. Carpet One has 1700+ flooring stores worldwide which have precisely this kind of service with a plethora of options to choose from. The traditional route of light blackbutt wood with a subtle sheen to it is a great way to update your kitchen and perhaps living room floor. However, the hallway could be given the essence of grandeur by laying down the jarrah style bronzed timber with a gloss finish. Fitting new carpets made from modern, soft and affordable materials are a welcome update to your bedrooms. Plush wool or solution dyed nylon with a cut pile finish feels great underneath bare feet. The common reason for fitting new styles of carpet are to keep the heat in the room more efficiently as old, worn out carpets simple allow the warmth in the bedroom to escap

Update household appliances
A simple weekend of frugal spending for modern appliances can do wonder if you include them in the asking price. The technology has to be functional, rather than to please gadget lovers purely for the sake of it. Modern energy efficient appliances can be controlled by the flick of a finger are inherently seen as with-the-times and possess the attraction of simplifying life and taking away stress. An electronic, WiFi controlled thermostat is the mark of a modern home, which can be set, adjusted and fully controlled in real-time by smartphone apps. Equally, kettles with computer chips and wireless connectivity can be turned on and made to heat up water while brushing your teeth in the morning, ready to be poured into a cup of tea or coffee.  
A broad church exterior appeal  
The stakes are high, and because there aren’t as many options for buyers as there once was even just two decades ago, standing out has never ever, been more important than now. Buyers want the properties of the lower end, to at least mimic the upper echelons in some form. This means that older homes must have insulation put in their walls to save money and to heat the home efficiently. A driveway of even a single car space would greatly improve chances of getting noticed as people want their vehicle to be safe and off the streets. It’s a case of following the herd when it comes to set standards of privacy and exclusivity. Gardenpath lighting, such as solar powered nighttime lamps along the fence or garden are a great addition, stimulating imagination and personalisation.

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