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Home Fixes Which Are Perfect For Summer

There is a lot that you can do in the summer which you can’t really do as well at other times of year. Some of the more obvious ones are spending a great deal of time outside or going to the beach with the family. But even when it comes to the home, there is a whole range of activities and tasks which are much better suited to the warmer months. As it happens, many of the more important fixes or DIY projects are much better done in the summer. If you are looking for a few things to do around the home before it gets too cool again, then take a look at the following. Here are some great home fixes which are perfect for the height of summer.


If you have a basement, you probably find that it routinely throws up a number of problems. Basements can be real problem areas, no matter how new or refurbished they might be. In summer, you usually have a great opportunity to clear out your basement and allow it to properly dry. If you live somewhere that has particularly cold or wet winters, then making good use of the summer in this way is likely to be hugely beneficial in the long run. But how exactly are you supposed to go about drying out your basement?

If at all possible, this is going to be much more effective if you first empty your basement of any belongings. This isn’t always possible, however, so if you can’t then don’t worry - you can still effectively dry out your basement for the most part. There are a few main kinds of water which might have found their way into your basement, and you will need to determine which it is in your case. Most commonly, it is condensation, although even this can become and look quite severe. Condensation occurs due to moist and warm air hitting the cold foundation walls in the basement. However, it is one of the easiest to get rid of. Generally, it is seen as cold droplets on the surfaces of the basement. To deal with it, air your basement out by opening any windows it might have and running some fans down there. If you are happy spending a little more money, you might also want to run a dehumidifier, as this is often incredibly effective for solving this particular problem.

More often than not, a moist basement is the result of not condensation, but runoff. This is rainwater (or snow, or any precipitation) which has not been diverted through the usual means, and has ended up in your basement. For this kind of moisture, you might need to be a little more severe than with just condensation. Generally, it will help if you carry out the above steps, but then follow it up with a little patchwork on the walls using filler as well. With any luck, the problem will be sorted and the moisture will not return. Just remember to turn up the heat a little in the colder months.


Just as the basement is a perfect place to deal with in the summer, so too is the roof. The main reason for this, of course, is that you are much more likely to be able to actually get up there and fix whatever might be going on, given that the weather is more likely to permit it than in the colder months. There are a number of problems which might have gone wrong with your roof, and depending on which apply for you the next steps will vary quite dramatically. One pro tip: don’t even step foot up there until you know what you are doing, what the problem and solution is, otherwise you might experience a severe fall, which is the last thing you want at any time of year.

Certain roofing problems are a lot more common than others, and we will focus on those in particular here. When you are thinking of getting your roof fixed, it goes without saying that you first need to be clear on what the actual problem is. One of the most common problems occurs with something called the flashing - the material used around vents or pipes. Often, this section of the roof will be particularly subject to water leaks and related problems, and if left untreated this could lead to serious problems within the home. Summer is a great time to take a look at any underlying problems there might be with your flashing, and fix it as soon as possible. If necessary, consider replacing the flashing altogether to ensure a much more likely success rate going forward.

But it’s not just the flashing that can have problems which need dealing with. If you have any shingles on your roof, you might notice that these are a fairly frequent source of consternation. If you have any shingles which appear particularly discolored or are obviously broken, then this can cause a range of further problems. Missing shingles in particular can be something of a hazard, sometimes leading to the wood underneath to be damaged by rainwater or other precipitation. If you have any problems with your roof shingles, make sure you get the professionals in to have them replaced as soon as possible.

As well as these issues, it might sometimes be the case that small animals or birds find their way underneath parts of the roof and begin nesting. Although they might well be adorable, if they are left alone they might soon start to actually damage your roof, possibly allowing water to start entering into your home. If this happens, you should have a professional remove the birds and their nest as soon as possible, to ensure the best safety for your family and for yourself. Once you have your roof sorted, you will probably find that you feel much more secure in your home, and you will be able to enjoy the summer all the more because of it, so this is well worth looking into when it comes to high summer.


Obviously enough, the garden is a perfect place to carry out some DIY in summer. Yet for many people, the problem remains of where to begin. What is it that actually needs doing in your garden? If you start to look around, you might be surprised - you might find that there is actually quite a lot in your garden which could do with a bit of attention and loving care. Let’s have a look at some of the best garden tasks which you might want to carry out this summer.

Many homes have patios in their garden which are just not really serving any purpose. If you can associate with that experience, then you might be curious as to what you can do to fix it. The good news is that an old patio can actually be used for a huge range of purposes, and you never need to worry if you feel that yours is simply sitting there not doing anything. One of the best solutions for an old, unloved patio is to paint the fence lining it with a few different bold colors. You might also want to think about placing a few potted plants on the patio itself, so that you can help to liven it up a bit. It is a simple solution, but you might be surprised at just how powerful it can be as well.

Of course, it’s not just the patio that can cause this kind of garden-worry. For many, the main problem is that they want to be rid of, or fix, their old tool shed. For whatever reasons, standard garden sheds have a way of not lasting very long until they completely fall apart. If your shed is in this state, then you might want to think about tearing it down. Doing so in summer is likely to be a good idea, of course, as it is not generally the kind of thing you want to have to do when it is raining and cold. If you want to build a new shed on the old location, first take the rare opportunity to give the area around the shed a bit of tender loving care. The grass under there might well be in need of it, and it will also help to keep your new shed as stable and secure as possible.

Whatever else your garden might need, summer is the obvious time to get to it, and you will find that it is much more enjoyable than it would be at any other time of year. What’s more, once it’s done you have the rest of the summer to be able to spend in the garden as you desire. This is something that everyone can agree is a valuable use of your time.

With the basement, roof and garden sorted, you can very much say you have made the most of summer - now it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of it.

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