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Weekends with the Wigglesworths-Father's Day Weekend 2017

Happy Saturday. I am so excited I almost cannot contain it. Not only is it the last weekend before the end of school (we have just 3 days to get through!), it's also Father's Day weekend! 

I am in LOVE with this man. We've been together for almost 20 years and he still gives me butterflies. He works so hard for our family and catching him in moments like this, makes my heart feel so overwhelmed with love I almost cannot stand it. 

He is the most amazing father. Even after working all day, he makes sure to spend quality time with his daughters. Catching up on their favorite moments from the day, listening to them crack jokes, reading with them, playing with them, but most importantly LOVING them. This is the type of dad I prayed for when I was younger, and I am so glad that God gave him to my girls! 

Happy Father's Day to all the amazing Dads out there and to the Moms who pull double duty! 

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  1. It so Wonderful that you have a Sweet Loving Husband and Father to your children! ! My Dad was also a good father he was very loving.. My Husband too is such a sweet loving Husband and Father. After 52 years of Marriage I will keep him. I thank God every Day for giving him to me and he never stops loving me and showing it. Hope your Hubby Has a Wonderful Fathers Day! :O)~~


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