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More than a Mom

I have struggled with being a mom at times because I have tried to put all my heart into being a mom.  My friendships have faded and over time it stopped mattering to me.  As my son is older now and is starting to need me less, I have found that I feel unfulfilled.  I needed to find out who I am beside a mom.  How did I lose myself?

I am a mom.  My choices made me put my child first.  No regrets and resentment.  He has and always will come first in my life and sometimes that means you have to sacrifice what you want.  The keyword is sometimes. 

I am a sister and a daughter

I am a wife

I am so many people wrapped in one, but it took some time realizing that as much as I am all of these people I can still make and find time to be me.  It doesn't make me selfish and it doesn't make me ungrateful for all that I have.  By setting time aside for me I find that I am better for all those around me.  Moms take notice... invest in yourself because it will make you a better you,

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