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Love Your Home But Need More Space? Here Are Your Options

When you’re so in love with where you live, you can feel like the luckiest person in the world. Whether your neighborhood is the nicest place you’ve ever been and makes you feel right at home, or the design of your home is what you’ve always wanted, you can believe that you’re never going to leave. So, when you realize that you’re running out of space and even a huge home clearout can’t help you, you can start to wonder if you’ll have to leave your perfect home after all. But, don’t panic too much, because you’ve always got options that’ll mean you can stay where you are to consider first.


First of all, you might have the option to extend. Depending on the layout of your house, the foundations and even the space you have around you, you could be able to add a large additional space to the whole of your house. With two-story options that could even double your home in size, you may never have to leave your house at all in the future. You could also see this as a way to add a lot more value to your home. So if this is something that you want to consider, be sure to contact reliable metal building contractors, or other contractors that specialise in this area to help you get started on your extension. 


Then, you could always convert some of your spaces. You may not have been able to reorganize your rooms during a clearout, buy you might find that converting your attic space or basement into extra bedrooms, or even turning your garage into a family room could be just what you need. Sometimes, you could even look at converting all three to give you a wealth of additional space. To help you decide, speak to a contractor and see what the cost for each (and all three) would be.

Add On

If you only need a little additional room, say to accommodate an extra family member, you may want to think about going with a small add-on. Although a double-story extension could be an option, it might give you too much space. So, sometimes, a single story add on to somewhere like the kitchen or living space could be all you need. You could also add on a garage to the side of your house if you need extra storage.


If you are quite limited on extending options around your property, or you’ve already converted internal spaces, and you still need more room, you might want to think about building a stand alone structure on your property. Something like a metal building construction can be great for storage or even creating a workshop if that’s the function you need room for.


And finally, if your hands are tied when it comes to finding that extra space to build on or extend in, you might want to consider better storage options for your home. Although you may think that you’ve got your storage down, you might benefit from cleverer designs that can allow you to utilize your space better, change a room’s main function, and still keep everything you own.

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  1. Yes it is very sad to have to leave a House you really like because it isn't big enough for your expanding Famiy. Thank You for sharing some awesome tips on how you can make more room in your Home..


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