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Increase Your Small Home's Appetite For A Dining Room

For people who live in very small houses or apartments, creating a dining room is probably the last thing on their mind. After all, they could always just fit a dining table in their kitchen instead. That may be one solution, but if you do decide to go with that, you will be missing all the sophistication that comes with a dining room! You will be able to fit a dining room even into the smallest of rooms in your home. Here’s how. 

Pick A Round Table

Rather than buying a square or rectangle dining table, you should go for a round one. More people can often sit around a square table. Plus, they will sit snugly into corners if you ever need to move it to one side to create more space in your room. There are some compact round tables that some with stools that can be stored right underneath the table, so they won’t end up taking up extra space in the room.

Open Out Into The Garden

On sunny days, there is nothing better than eating al fresco. It’s a good idea to use this idea to influence the design for your small dining room. If the room borders your garden, it’s a good idea to add some French doors that you can open whenever the weather is nice. This will help you air out the room, but it will also make it feel a lot larger. If it is exceptionally hot, you might want to spread into the garden and have a barbecue! Even better, why not create an outdoor dining space? You can take your meals outdoors and enjoy them in a beautiful open air surrounding when the weather is nice. Start by adding a charming outdoor dining set to your patio, and then add in lights and plants for a beautiful space to enjoy as you dine.

Invest In A Folding Table

There are now some dining tables that can be mounted onto a wall and need to be unfolded when you want to use it. This is a handy way of getting rid of the table if you need to use the space for another purpose other than eating. Some foldable tables can be folded up straight against a wall and used as shelving.

Keep Decor Minimal

If you use too many patterns or bold colors in your dining room’s decor, you will find that it can start to feel a bit claustrophobic and overbearing. It’s a much better idea to keep your decor simple and as minimalist as possible. Painting the walls white or pale pastel shades can help to lighten the room up and create an illusion of space. It might also be necessary to keep wall hangings down to a minimum as well, as these can be very imposing and will leave the room feeling too full.

Use Different Finishes

One way to bring a lot of style to a modest dining room is to use different finishes on all of the items of furniture. This will also make the room feel very relaxed and won’t leave it too stuffy. For example, you could vary your finishes by pairing a natural mahogany dining table with some painted chairs. 

Once you use these tips, you won’t feel like sardines in your small dining room whenever you have guests!

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