Five Items For A Fabulous Dinner Party

Do you feel like you never see your friends and family enough? In today’s modern world, business and family obligations often get in the way of a good old catch up with our nearest and dearest. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. How about throwing a dinner party to get everyone together under one roof? Your home will be full of laughter and chatter! You will need to be well-prepared if you want your evening to go off with a bang. Here are five great items you’ll need for throwing a fabulous dinner party.

Beautiful Crockery

Impress your guests by bringing out your best crockery. Fancy tableware and serving dishes can bring an extra touch of elegance to your table, and your guests will love to dine off special plates. Even when you serve coffee at the end of the meal, add a touch of class with some pretty Dunoon Mugs. Cutlery is also an important part of the table. Go for a set with metal handles, as plastic can look slightly tacky.

Flower Bouquets

Decorate your table with table cloths and placemats.Don’t forget fresh flowers too! Adding arrangements of seasonal flowers can add an extra element to your table settings. A fresh flowery fragrance can also liven up your dining room. If you are on a budget, you don’t need to fill the table with flowers. You could keep things affordable with just the one bouquet or create an arrangement with hand-picked flowers from your garden.

Fresh Ingredients

All the ingredients you cook with should be in season and super fresh. Fresh ingredients can make all the difference when it comes to your dish’s taste! Shop at your local greengrocers for the best seasonal fruit and vegetables, and see your nearest bakery for fresh bread. If you aren’t sure about what to serve as the main course, have a chat to your butcher or fishmonger. Do you have vegetarians coming? Try out one of my vegetarian recipes.

 Background Music

Hopefully, you’ll all be too busy chatting away to notice, but you should always play some music in the background, regardless. Music is a great way of creating a convivial atmosphere. It also ensures silences aren’t too noticeable during a quiet period of conversation. Don’t choose anything that is too lively or has a very fast beat. Jazz or classical songs work very well at dinner parties.

Name Cards

Have you invited a couple of people who don’t get on particularly well? Or are you hoping to set two of your single friends up? Pop name cards down on the table, so everyone knows where to sit. That way, you can keep certain people apart and prevent any hostility, or help matchmake a new relationship. If you don’t have time to make name cards, you can just tell people where you’d like them to sit before you all gather round the table.

And that is everything you need for your dinner party to run smoothly. Hopefully, this list will help you become the hostess with the mostess.


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