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Brick Fest Live...Lots of Lego Fun! #brickfestlive

I received tickets to this event in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

What a fun Saturday we had at Brick Fest Live!  I wasn't really sure what to expect walking into the Charlotte Convention Center and I was about as excited as Aiden was to see what was in store. 
We were both surprised by how big the area was and how bright and colorful and fun it looked as we walked in.  Of course, we had to head straight to the area that was selling Lego's (there were a couple of them and Aiden spent time at them all).  Aiden wanted everything there.  It was a Lego Lover's heaven and what kid wouldn't want it all.  He loves to play with the characters, so he spent a long time looking at them and chose two that he didn't have.  He was happy!

I enjoyed the Lego building tables and sat down and participated with the children.  When finished, you added your creation to the Mosaic Wall.  We spent quite a while there designing our creations.  I enjoyed looking at the wall and all the beautiful creations that had been added to it!  

Working hard on their creations!

Aiden's friend, Bryant with his finished product.

Adding it to the mosaic wall.

Very cool!

Aiden made a play button.

Adding it to the wall. 

Our friend, Gray adding his creation to the wall.

I love this idea!  So pretty!

We then moved on to the play area.  This was lots of fun, even though my crew may have been a little too big for this area.  Even so, they really enjoyed it.  They used the soft, oversized Lego's to build and make a bed.  This also seemed to be a resting place for parents.  I love the idea of the big pillows.  Perfect place to sit while the little ones play. 

My crew in the middle of the fun.

They made a bed and took turns laying on it.  They also made some new friends to play with.

I enjoyed all the things to look at throughout the Convention Center.  The Lego Creations are amazing!!

Mr. Lego Man

I would love to have this map in my classroom.

All made from Lego's. 

Just for my Dad...his favorite seasoning.  Amazing that it is totally made from Lego's.

There were Inspiration Stations throughout where you could add to existing creations.  It was really cool to see what children and adults were building and to see how the creations were coming all together. 

An Inspiration Station creation

Adding some to it. 

Jets...all made from Lego's.

Probably my favorite...Woody!

We have had such a fun day!!

We also played Lego Mini Golf and spent quite a bit of time in the Video Game Arena.  That was a very popular area and the boys played against each other in different Lego games.  There was also a Brick Fest Derby where you can design your own Lego race car and then it competes in a race.  My phone died and I was not able to get pictures of these last activities.  

We spent 4 fun, active, and imaginative hours at Brick Fest Live!! It was a great day!

Thank you to USFamilyGuide.com for allowing us to attend this fun event!


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