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5 Creative Rewards To Incentivize Your Kids With

Not every parent believes in the reward system. But, when you do, it can be a great way to reinforce positive behavior in your kids. Sometimes, incentivizing doesn’t even have to be involved with encouraging good behavior, but it can work to show your kid how proud you are of them for anything from their school work to their attitude to others. However, it’s also important to know that you don’t have to stick to a standard rewards system. You may even benefit from using alternative, more creative incentives, and rewards that your children will love, like some of the ideas below.

A Day Trip

Everyone loves to go out for the day. Whether you and your husband love to spend time at your favorite love bird spot, or your kids to love to the local attractions, a day out is always fun for the entire family. So, why not incentivize your child with a day trip. Whether they need to get all of their chores done or ace a test, the promise of a trip to their favorite place, or to a sight or attraction that they’re interested in, could be great for them.

Slumber Party

When your kid is in elementary or middle school, they probably love to spend as much time as their friends as possible, and nothing excites them more than the promise of a sleepover. So, you could easily look to encourage good behavior with the reward of a slumber party. Yes, you may lose some sleep for one night while they stay up giggling and watching movies, but it’s a great way to encourage your kid to stay on track.

Collectors Item

Then there’s also the kind of reward that can stay with them for life. When your kid loves to learn, and they’re applying themselves as best as they can at school, and seeing results, you may feel like they need a reward. And they have earned it. So, why not think about treating them to something collectible, like a first edition book that they love? Sometimes, it can be the best kind of reward and further incentive in one.

A Keepsake

As your child gets a little older and into their teens, you might find that something like a slumber party just doesn’t cut it anymore. So, you may want to focus on a reward or incentive that will mean something more to them. For that, something personalized or memorable from somewhere like Personalised Keepsakes that they can keep forever. Their behavior might be down by now, so you’re really looking to focus on school or extracurricular performance. And this is a great reward for an older kid.

A New Room

But you’ve also got the option to incentivize and reward your kid of any age with something fun, exciting, and probably on their wish list. Every kid loves to get their room redecorated. So, it can be a great incentive. Sometimes, your kid may even want to move to a different room so it can be a great reward for them for you to do it up nice and surprise them with it.

How do you reward your kids? We'd love for you to share your ideas in the comments!

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