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4 Gift Ideas For New Moms

Having lived through the early days of new motherhood, when our friends give birth for the first time, we tend to view them with a mixture of envy and sympathy. Envy, on one hand, because they are experiencing those initial phases of bonding with their new baby - which is a feeling quite without parallel in this world. 

We also know how tough those early weeks can be, though - so we sympathize and empathize with what they’re going through. We know the worries, the sleepless nights, and the way it feels like time is whizzing by but also crawling incredibly slowly. 

As is custom, when our friends give birth, we give them a gift to celebrate. Often, this gift is targeted towards the baby - toys, rattles, even diaper pyramids, anything that’s going to help to welcome a new life into the world. Sometimes, though, it might be nice to send a thoughtful gift to your friend that focuses on her. It’s a time that’s ripe for female empathy and togetherness; showing that you still value her as an individual can be the perfect way of celebrating this. 

If you’re stuck for ideas, then here are a few new Mom-centric ideas to inspire you…

1) A Massage 

A voucher for a massage from an expert is always going to go down well, especially if you offer to babysit while she goes and experiences an hour of pampering. It could be just what she needs as her body deals with the post-birth changes, as well as giving her the chance for some welcome me-time. 

2) Soft Furnishings

If there’s one thing that an exhausted new Mom needs, it’s plenty of comfort and soft furnishings. When you’re so tired you feel like a zombie, being able to collapse into bed on beautiful Cal king sheets or wrap up in a fuzzy blanket is going to be the gift that keeps on giving. Sleep is such a valuable commodity in the initial phases of being a Mom and hopefully, by making her bedroom as nice as possible, she’ll be able to grab at least 38 winks in there every once in awhile! 

3) Food Subscription Boxes

In the midst of juggling a new baby, cooking nutritious meals might be the last thing on her mind. To ease this burden for a while at least, consider a gift for a food subscription box. There are boxes for everything now; some provide the entire ingredients for a meal, others the finished meals themselves. They are themed in a thousand and one different ways, so you should be able to find something to suit her. 

Alternatively, you could apply the same method - subscription boxes - to sweet treats that she can indulge in when baby is in bed. Whatever her preference for food, there’s probably a subscription box that can meet her needs! 

4) Time

Ultimately, time is the most precious gift of all. You could just ensure you take the time to visit, offering to watch the baby for a spell while she goes and takes a nap. Or you could make time to visit and sit with her, letting her pour out anything that might be bothering her - even if it’s just complaints about being tired. Sometimes, being there is the best you could possibly offer.

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