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Step Out in Comfort and Style in Oka B. Sandals this Summer

Thank you to Oka B. for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts shared are my own.

As much as I love my flats and boots, I am so happy to tuck them away for the summertime, and let my feet shine in beautiful sandals. The older I get (I'm just 34, by the way), the more particular I am about the shoes and sandals I wear. I want high style, but I also want ultimate comfort. These days, I have a six-year-old to keep up with, and am usually baby wearing or pushing around a stroller when we're out and about. My feet can't take an entire day of pounding the pavement in shoes with zero support. That's why I turn to one of my favorite brands for all day comfort and style.

Have you heard of Oka-B? The first time I ever laid eyes on a pair of Oka-B sandals was in a beach boutique in Topsail Island, NC. The moment I saw those sandals, I knew that I had to have a pair. Oka-B shoes are so much more than just a pair of flats or sandals- Oka-B is a lifestyle. Once you try a pair of Oka-B's, you'll never want to go back to what you were wearing before. Their designs are so beautiful, and their shoes will be the cherry on the topping of your outfit for every occasion. Whether you're hitting the pool, the gym, the beach, the road, or the workplace this summer, Oka-B has you covered with their many options for comfortable, stylish footwear.

Oka-B shoes are beautifully packaged in their signature Oka-B shoebox.

The sandals included a plastic form, to help keep the shape.

This isn't my first rodeo with Oka-B. I have two other pairs of Oka-B shoes/sandals, and I love them! Oka-B is always coming out with gorgeous new designs. I find myself asking, 'how could they top this gorgeous design,' and they always find a way to surprise me.

I was in the market for a new pair of black womens sandals. The other black sandals that I have are well worn, and offer no support. One of the pairs was so flimsy, they were scuffed up after the first time I wore them. There's a lesson learned- always go for quality footwear. Oka- B shoes are made from a patented and recyclable blend of plastics with strategically placed foot support for proper body alignment and comfort. Also- Oka-B's are made in America. That's certainly something to be proud of.

The Oka-B Amina Sandals in black

The Amina sandals are incredibly beautiful. I thought they looked beautiful online, and I was just floored by how much more beautiful they looked in person. I couldn't wait to wear them with everything- shorts, capris, jeggings, skirts, and dresses. What I love about these sandals is that they give amazing support, and offer a ton of comfort without looking or feeling clunky. My #1 gripe about most supportive sandals is that they just look clunky- like they're too big, and don't belong on my feet. That isn't the case with Oka-B sandals at all. They fit so well, and they offer support and traction.

The ankle strap on these sandals is one of my favorite features.

A well-fitting sandal is a must-have for gals on the go... esp. moms!

The ankle straps are super comfy, and they're fully adjustable, as well. There are several notches to choose from, so you can get the perfect fit that will work for you. I used to be able to do so many things in flip flops, but now I find that I need a sandal that's not going to surprise me, and fly away! These beauties aren't going anywhere... they stay right where they are supposed to stay, and I am able to comfortably wear them all day long. Our foot carries the weight of our bodies that is why it is important to have a proper pair of footwear that will make you comfortable and well balanced all day. If you need help finding the right footwear for you, then best check out ShoeAdviser. A site that is dedicated to providing you the right information about different footwear. Whether its shoes, boots, or even flipflops, they got it all for you.

Check out the gorgeous embellishment on these sandals!

I love the embellishment on these sandals. They remind me of one of my favorite statement necklaces, and who wouldn't want to wear statement jewelry on their feet? The black and gold are simply stunning, and look beautiful when worn a variety of ways. I loved wearing my newest Oka-B Aminas at the beach, and cannot wait to wear them when I am in FL for a conference next week.

Features of the Amina Sandals

Gold accents and tonal stone embellishments make Oka-B’s Amina your go-to sandal of the season! This buckle t-strap style offers comfort with a chic, sophisticated must-have look that will match all of your summer attire!
*Also available in white and sapphire

There are so many Oka-B designs on my wish list! Take a look at some of these beauties...





Be sure to check out my updates from BlogHer '17 while I am in Florida. My Oka-B's will be coming with me, and I can't wait to share about them with my blogger friends.

Want them? Get them!

If you're looking for stylish, comfortable shoes or sandals, check out Oka-B! You will be amazed by how many styles and color options there are! The Summer 2017 collection is beautiful, so be sure to browse their latest styles. Oka-B accessories have arrived! Oka-B will gift a necklace with every $100.00+ order! 

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Special thanks to Oka-B for allowing me to share about their gorgeous sandals. Look for another fabulous Oka-B post soon!

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