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What To Expect When Your Baby Becomes A Toddler

If you thought leaving the hospital for the first time with your baby wrapped in swaddling and entirely reliant on you was scary, wait until they become a toddler. All that fear you experienced when your little one slowly starts to disappear as you get to grips with things. And as they grow and start to crawl, eventually taking their first steps, it can feel like stage one of the most important job in the world is complete. 

But, you would be wrong. From the second your little one starts moving, your fears and worries will multiply by the thousands. It’s another level of scariness that many first-time parents cannot prepare for. Hopefully, these tips will help you understand what to expect as your baby becomes a toddler, and give you a little insight into what might be lying ahead. Let’s take a closer look!

Toddlers are fast

Just when you are starting to feel comfortable about looking after a motionless baby - and even a slow crawler - as soon as they start to walk they want to go everywhere. Your toddler will follow you around the house, they will attempt to get up the stairs, and they won’t have much concept of road safety, danger signs, or anything else that will end up causing you palpitations.

Toddlers will destroy your home

Your home will never look the same from the second your toddler starts moving around by themselves. Take your eye off the ball for one second, and your little cherub can scribble over your walls, rip up papers, paint your carpets, and throw your best possessions a surprisingly impressive distance. The bad news is that you are going to have to put up with these issues for a while yet, and there is zero point in replacing anything or looking at expensive renovations or decorating plans. Once they have grown up a little, you can start calling the carpet cleaning companies and local decorators, of course - unless you have another baby that is about to enter the same stage. But ultimately, you’re going to have to put up with what could resemble a bomb site for the next eighteen months or so.

Toddlers listen

When you are looking after a baby and stub your toe, it doesn’t really matter whether the language you use to express your pain is a little on the raw side. But when you have toddlers following you around all day long, you better start biting your lip. When kids reach the toddler stage they are like sponges, and will soak up everything they see and hear - and they also have a particular ability to pick up curse words. And you can almost guarantee your little cherub will use them when it is least appropriate!

Toddlers are independent

Another major issue that first-time parents will face is the thorny old question of independence. Sure, we all want our kids to be original, independent, and unique thinkers, but the reality is that whatever you want them to do, they will have different ideas altogether. Get used to hearing the word ‘no’ - perhaps a million times a day. Get used to having arguments on every little decision. And finally, expect full-blown tantrums when you are out and about in public.

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