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Toddler Time Fab Five: February

Moms of Toddlers (MOTs), this one is for just you! This new series will help you keep those busy little hands and minds occupied. Because we all know that occupied toddlers are the best kind of toddlers, right? Each month I'll share five fun, easy, inexpensive things to do with your littles. 

Our first Toddler Time on Mommy's Block Party is, of course, 
devoted to the sweetest "holiday" of them all: Valentine's Day

1. Check your local Dollar Store or Target Dollar Spot for festive window clings. We move these around from the easel to the playroom window to the oven door to the full length mirror to the storm door and Mr. G loves finding and making up stories with them.

Valentines-themed window clings are great story starters

2. Make a heart-shaped paper chain for counting, colors, and decoration. You can do classic loops in valentines colors, or this super easy heart-shaped one is adorable. Here are the simple instructions I followed. 

Count down the days until Valentines or decorate something!
3. DIY Heart-Toss. I found this green floral foam wreath at the dollar store, along with heart-print duct tape! Two minutes later I had a festive ring to toss foam hearts (also from the dollar store).

DIY materials from the Dollar Store

5 minute festive toss game
4. Go on a book scavenger hunt. Collect your child's favorite books and together find the ones that mention love, hearts, hugs and kisses, candy, or whatever festive word you pick. You'll be surprised what you find when you go looking for a specific topic!

How many books have hugs in them?
5. Fine motor play in the kitchen! I found these heart picks at the Dollar Store and they make an neat fine motor activity. Toddlers will love threading the sticks in an out of the holes. You could also use uncooked spaghetti noodles (use food coloring to turn them red!). 

The kitchen colander is a great stage for fine motor activities. 
He did this for 30 minutes!
Have fun thinking of Valentines activities for your little ones and be sure to share your great ideas with us in the comments!

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