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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Hoping to Relax

Happy Saturday! We had a pretty calm week, but the weather (in the 90s) kind of made everyone feel blah. Yesterday afternoon was probably my least favorite time of the week, which was weird because it was FRIDAY. But, between the traffic going to pick up Drew, the air not working in my car, and me dropping my phone and cracking the screen- I was a little beyond irritated and all I wanted to do was cry. Thankfully, once we got home, things calmed down a great deal and I was able to relax.

I am hoping this weekend we can focus on relaxing. I'm pretty sure with 2 young ones, this is just wishful thinking, but the weather is supposed to be a little nicer (70s) and we don't have very many errands to run. I need today to be a day to just breathe. 

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I hope you have a great weekend! 

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