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Progress is the Word #motivationalmonday

After having this little guy, my body has changed almost completely. Shirts fit differently and pants are a nightmare to find because I'm short and have hips. These things are not that important to me as much as my overall health. 

I would find myself snacking and making foods that were quick and easy rather than sometimes choosing the healthier option. I want to eat healthier and develop healthier habits for the long run, not simply to lose a few pounds. 

Using MyFitnessPal has really helped me put into perspective what I have been eating. I now eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water, and exercise on a more regular basis. Sure, I have some days that are completely terrible, but that's part of life. I'm getting better and that's what matters. Consistency is a battle I face every day, but every day I make a little progress.

What motivates you to be healthy? What are some habits you could share with our readers? 

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