Memorial Day 2017

There are so many holidays kids get off from school and sadly do not know the reason they have it off.  Today is Memorial Day-A holiday set for remembering those we lost while they served our country.  I am proud to say this holiday is celebrated in my home as a way to honor those that were lost and those that continue to serve.

I have family and friends that serve this country to keep us safe and provide an environment that allows me to raise my children safely.  However, I feel they do so much more.  They give up their lives, spend time away from their families, and risk everything they have to stand up for what this country believes in.  Today I value those from the past...

My grandfather, Ermesindo Raimundo fought for this country during World War II.  He was fortunate to come home to his family, but he lost friends and saw things no one should ever have to see.  I honor him today, because of his valiant and selfless efforts.  An immigrant to this country from Portugal, he was honored to be in this country and fought for everyone here.

My son, is looking forward to a career in the military.  Of course, as his mom, I have reservations, but the integrity, honor, and self-motivation is takes for him to strive to be the best of the best makes me so proud.  I honor him today, because his heart leads him to fight for what is right no matter the cost.

To all those that have served, will serve, and are currently serving you are the heart of this country.  You have awe inspiring, motivating, and so selfless.  From my family to you and yours, we thank you.       

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