Celebrate Your Home this Spring with Home Fragrances from Celebrating Home Direct + Ooh La Lamp #Giveaway

Thank you to Celebrating Home Direct for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

Is your home your haven? My home is a sweet craftsman style bungalow in a historic neighborhood in the city. It's not a large home, but it's cozy, and fits our family's personality. It's a place that we love to meet up and unwind together at the end of a long day. It's the place where we kick off our shoes, and pile onto the couch to watch movies on family night. I take pride in my home, and love taking care of it, and making it a beautiful living space for my family. The reality is that we live in our home, and with a toddler and a kindergartener, I can hardly keep my home looking pristine. I rely on beautiful home accents to add special touches to my home.

My home is looking and smelling fabulous this spring, thanks to some beautiful new candles and accents from Celebrating Home Direct. If you love candles and fragrance warmers, you're going to love Celebrating Home Direct's products.

From Celebrating Home Direct...

If you love quality products at deeply discounted prices, Celebrating Home Direct is the web site for you. At Celebrating Home Direct, they take great pride in offering you the best selection of high quality products to enhance your life – all deeply discounted every day!

They are grateful for our customers whom they are honored to serve every day. Their goal is to provide seamless shopping experiences backed by world class customer service.

They assist customers in discovering truly unique products that have made a name for Celebrating Home Direct. Their framed art selections have been commended for the variety of heart-warming themes as well as the quality craftsmanship in custom frames.

The artistic design of  glassware and the reliability in all-time favorite aromas appeal to all customers.

Their baking and servingware selection is top-of-list for an astute online shopper, rivaling the appeal of top cookware retailers at clearly affordable prices.

As you explore the product selection with Celebrating Home Direct, take note: their products are backed by a promise of quality and a desire to serve customers with delight.

 Celebrating Home Direct sent me some gorgeous candles to enjoy in my home.

Not only do Celebrating Home Direct's candles look lovely, they smell amazing! I received a Pt. Jar Candle in Lemon, a Baker Street Candle in Baked Apple Pie (their number one seller, a customer favorite), and a Belize Candle in Mango Cooler.

I couldn't wait to burn these candles. Just after taking their lids off, I realized that their scents would carry throughout the room, without even having to light the candles! Now, that's what I call fragrance! I started with the Mango Cooler scent in the Belize Candle. I love the size, and the shape of the glass candle holder. The Mango Cooler scent is phenomenal! It's so juicy and sweet!

Belize Candle - Mango Cooler (Dark Orange)

Belize Candle - Mango Cooler (Dark Orange)

60 hours of enjoyment from this soy-blend candle.  One of our top selling fragrances, Mango Cooler makes every room smell absolutely wonderful! Mango, tangerine, lemon and star fruits with an under note of red grapefruit. You will love it!
13 oz. vol. 4 x 4"

The Baker Street Candle in Baked Apple Pie is hands down my favorite scent. It's no wonder that it's a customer favorite. This is a scent that can be enjoyed year round. I can definitely see myself burning this candle when we get into September, as it's perfect for fall!

Baker Street Candle - Baked Apple Pie
Baker Street Candle - Baked Apple Pie

Baker Street 22 ounce candle features two wicks and has an estimated burn time of 80-90 hours.  Compare to Yankee and Tyler Candles that sell for $25. With our best selling Baked Apple Pie fragrance, your home will have the wonderful scent of juicy apples baked in cinnamon, sugar and vanilla. Yum!
22 oz. vol. 5 x 3¼"

The Lemon scented candle is in a Petite Jar, and I love this size, as well. It's perfect to place anywhere- even in small spaces, like your powder room. My husband is especially fond of this scent. It's bright, and perfect for summertime.

Petite Jar Candle - Lemon
Petite Jar Candle - Lemon

Clean, fresh cut lemon will bring a crisp fragrance to your home or office. This popular candle has an approximate burn time of 48 hours with a soy wax blend which means minimal sooting and maximum scent. Enjoy!
7½ oz. vol. 2¾ x 2¾ x 4"

These candles are among my favorite candles ever! They burn so cleanly, giving off almost no soot, which means the candle jars stay looking clean! These are perfect to give as gifts, so if you're looking for fabulous Mother's Day gifts, stock up on these perfect candles from Celebrating Home Direct. There are lots of other scents available!

 I also received a beautiful Ooh La Lamp and a variety of Fragrance Crystals.

I am actually a big fan of fragance melts, lamps, warmers, etc. As much as I love candles, I remember not burning them for a period of time when B was a little guy. Now that Baby S is mobile (walking, and pulling on everything), I have to be extra careful with the candles.

The Ooh La Lamp is a fantastic alternative to a candle or wax warmer. There's no flame, and there's no hot wax involved. The Ooh La Lamps are beautifully designed. A base houses a hurricane, and inside of that is a lightbulb and a protective cage. The cage serves as a buffer between the fragrance crystals and the lightbulb.

 The Avery Ooh La Lamp, and Fruit of the Spirit Jacket.

The Avery Ooh La Lamp is beautiful. There are lots of other beautiful lamp desings from Celebrating Home Direct, but I chose this one because it's streamlined, and has a classic look to it. There are also lots of different jackets that can slip right over the outside of the lamp, to give it different looks. You can change it up for the seasons, or just depending on your current mood.

 The Aroma Crystals are for use with the Ooh La Lamps.

Aroma Crystals are tiny fragrance beads. They smell as delicious as the candles, and come in many of the same scents. I received a variety of Aroma Crystals, including Baked Apple Pie, Vanilla, Lemon, Mango Cooler, and Peach.

 It's so easy to set the Ooh La Lamp up for use!

I did carefully read the instructions that came with the Ooh La Lamp before I attempted to do anything with it. I wanted to be sure I was using it properly. I made sure tha cage was in its proper place, over the lightbulb. Next, I addd the Aroma Crystals. I opted to start with the lemon scent. I poured the crystals between the glass and the cage. It's important not to overfill the lamp. A thin layer of crystals on top of the cage is okay, but you don't want to add more than that.

Once the Aroma Crystals were in the Ooh La Lamp, I used the click switch to turn it on. The lamp lighted up beautifully, and the warm aroma of lemon filled the room within just a few seconds of turning the lamp on.

 I tried the Ooh La Lamp on a side table in the living room, first.

I love the way the Ooh La Lamp looked in the living room, but was too afraid that S would be able to reach it, and pull it off the table. I figured that a higher spot would work better and be safe for S, and the lamp.

I finally placed the Avery Ooh La Lamp in the kitchen, on the counter.

The kitchen counter is actually the perfect spot for the Ooh La Lamp. The kids can't reach it, so I don't have to worry about them messing with it, or breaking it. I can slip the jacket over it for a pretty look, and a softer glow. I love the way that the cut out words become illuminated when the lamo is turned on. The lamp is a great light for nighttime. We like to leave a tiny light on in the kitchen until hubby and I go to bed, and the Avery Ooh La Lamp is perfect! It gives off just the right amount of light for us to be able to see in the kitchen, without having to turn any of the big lights on.

As much as I love my wax warmers, I think I love the Ooh La Lamp even more. It's a safer alternative to the wax warmers, and I have to say- the fragrances are truly wonderful, and they are long lasting.

Check out this cute video, which explains how easy it is to use the Ooh La Lamps and Aroma Crystals!

Product Details...
Ooh La Lamp® - Avery

Just add your favorite aroma crystals to make Avery more beautiful and fragrant! Stronger, Safer, Easier is what this lamp is all about. Simply pour in the Aroma Crystals, turn on the lamp and add beautiful light and rich fragrance to your surroundings for weeks!
4¾ x 7¼"

Ooh La Lamp® Jacket - Fruit of The Spirit

The inspiring words of the Fruit of the Spirit are a sure way to express your understanding of God's word.  Avery lamp (01258) sold separately.
4½ x 5¼" Metal.

Aroma Crystals - Baked Apple Pie®

Juicy apples baked in cinnamon, sugar and vanilla.
12 oz vol. / 7.5 oz. wt.

Celebrating Home Direct has so many beautiful options for home fragrance products. If you love candles, you  will love their designs, and scents! They are among my favorite candles of all time! I think I am going to be a lifelong customer of Celebrating Home Direct. Yes, their candles smell that good! Their Ooh La Lamps and Aroma Crystals are so unique, and so lovely! They would make the perfect gift for Mother's Day, housewarming gifts, or any other special celebration.

Celebrating Home Direct is known for their wonderful home fragrance collection, but they also have bakeware, home accents, and wall art. Their prices are amazing. I am telling you, don't wait- shop now for those gifts for upcoming events. If you have a gift closet or gift shelf like I do, you'll want to stock it with some awesome candles from Celebrating Home Direct!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Celebrating Home Direct to browse their current home fragrance collection, as well as their other wonderful products. Connect with Celebrating Home Direct via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, G+, and Instagram.

Want it? Win it!

One lucky MBP reader will win an Ooh La Lamp- Avery + Aroma Crystals from Celebrating Home Direct! This giveaway is open to US residents, 18+. No PO Boxes. Just use the handy RC entry form below to enter to win! MBP is not responsible for prize fulfillment. See our policies page for details.

Special thanks to Celebrating Home Direct for allowing me to share about their wonderful home fragrance products, and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!


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  21. i would like to try pink cupcake.

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