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3 Toolkits That Every Parent Needs

Being a parent is great and often a joyous rewarding experience. However, whether you are a working or a stay at home parent, there are three essential toolkits you will need. The first is the most practical, DIY, to help you keep on top of repairs and renovations in your house. The second is medical, for those times when your child falls ill or injured themselves. The third is for the working or busy parent, who needs to balance parenthood with other aspects of their life. These are the toolkits necessary for any parent, without the need to call in a professional.


As any parent should recognize, having a child in the house is also a health and safety nightmare. Not only are they breaking something one minute, but they are also reaching out for things they shouldn't have the next. You are going to need a toolbox to ensure your house is a safe place, as well as handy items for those unexpected times, such as when your child brings home a craft project from school. Here are some things you may need.

A screwdriver

There are many reasons a parent might need a screwdriver. You may have noticed that many of your child's toys and games come with batteries under a screwed down hatch. As well as new batteries, you are going to need to screw the thing open. Should you buy new furniture for your child's room, or any other room in the house, you may find that it comes attached with screwed down fixtures. 

Screwdrivers come in different shapes and sizes. To ensure you have the right one for any situation, buy a complete set of screwdrivers or a handle that comes equipped with interchangeable tips. 

A tape measure

Not only is a tape measure useful for measuring the growth of your child, but it is also perfect for measuring the space you have in your home. You might need to buy a new bed for your child's room, but you need it to measure up door frames to ensure it will fit through the door and to measure floor space, so you know it is not too big or small for the room.

Tape measures are also useful for sewing jobs, such as repairing your child's torn trousers after they have been playing rough outside. You may also need to store something out of your child's reach so putting up new shelves may be a good idea. The tape measure will ensure they are lined up evenly.

A utility knife

Not to be confused with the one you use in a kitchen, to cut fruit, vegetables, cheese, etc. The utility knife in DIY is invaluable for cutting through plastic and cardboard as well as household projects such as trimming wallpaper and the edges of your carpet. 

Any craft projects you undertake with your child may benefit from using a utility knife, provided you are the one holding it, should your child be too young. 

A hammer

Hammers come in all shapes and sizes, and for a parent, they are particularly useful when hanging up family pictures on the wall. Caution, the only nails you want to be hammering in are the metal ones and not those attached to your fingers.

A multimeter

You have just sat down to watch your favorite program, and your child is playing in his bedroom. Suddenly the room goes dark, and somewhere in the house, a fuse has blown. A multimeter is perfect for discovering the source of the problem, and are simple enough to use even if you are a beginner or a professional electrician. For advice on the best and easiest to use, have a look at this site as Toolnerds compares the best digital multimeter available.

A flashlight

So the fuse has blown, and you have got your multimeter in hand. You are still going to need a flashlight to help you see where you are going. It is also useful for looking under your child's bed to find missing toys or the evidence of a missing chocolate bar.


A first-aid kit is imperative for any parent. While not every health worry is an emergency, you should still write down the phone numbers of your family doctor just in case you need it. If your child has trouble breathing, feels faint or dizzy after a bee sting, begins to choke or change color, or is vomiting profusely, always call for a professional, be that your local doctor or in a real emergency, call for an ambulance. Remember, if in doubt always ask for help, even if that means enlisting the aid of a neighbor, family member, or passerby if out of the house.

Remember to store the first-aid kit out of reach if it contains anything harmful to your children, such as paracetamol or other medicines, and if you go on any family outing take it with you, as well as a blanket to keep your child warm should they become unwell. You are the first responder in any medical situation with your child, so you need to be ready outdoors and in.


You are going to need to use plasters for small cuts and scratches. Even if your child doesn't need one, it may still sooth their tears. Alternatively, a sterile pad can be used for better cushioning and can be held in place using sticky tape. For larger wounds, a sterile wound dressing can be attached to a bandage and apply pressure to stop bleeding.


There are a lot of bandages you may need, and they have specific uses. For example, a roller bandage is used to support sprains or breaks in a joint, and a triangular bandage is useful for burns and large wounds. 

Remember, a bandage shouldn't cover the wound, that is why you need the dressing applied first, to apply extra pressure, and to keep the wound clean.


When you are treating a cut or open wound, you should wear disposable gloves to reduce the risk of infection for you and your child. 

In a worst case scenario, and your child collapses, you should have a pocket mask handy to prevent infection between you when applying rescue breaths.

Assorted items

There are numerous other items you are going to need to aid you in your first aid kit.

Cleaning wipes are needed to clean the skin around the wound. 

Sticky tape will hold dressings in place. 

Safety pins or clips will hold the loose edges of a bandage. 

Scissors are needed to cut bandages and tape to the correct length. 

Tweezers are necessary if your child has something stuck in his ear or nose.

A thermometer if your child has a temperature.

Creams, sprays and ice packs in case of a bee sting.

Painkillers that are suitable for those under 16.

You may never need to use some of those items, but peace of mind is paramount.

Just for you

The final toolkit is one designed just for you, whether you need a breather from the constant worry of being a parent, or just want to manage the balance of being a busy or working parent.

A cleaning person

The demands of parenting are difficult, and while this is a luxury for some, hiring a cleaning person a couple of hours a day, once a week, or even once a month, may alleviate some of the stresses you go through.

A slow cooker

Busy all day and not enough time to spend in the kitchen? Then a slow cooker is perfect. Before going to work, or starting your busy day, put what you need into it in the morning, turn it on and let it cook away slowly throughout the day.


Other streaming services are available, but whichever you choose, they are perfect for keeping your child entertained, or allowing you to unwind in the evening with a good film.

A pamper session

Sometimes you just need to sit back and let somebody else take care of you. So why not book a massage, or get your nails or hair done by a professional. If you don't have time to leave the house, pampering products are available to buy, with items including skincare creams and bath scrubs.

Also, for when the kids are in bed, opening up a nice bottle of wine and a box of chocolates is a great way to look after yourself when the house is quiet, and you need time to think and breathe.

A nanny

Again, this may not be affordable on a daily or even weekly basis, but hiring a nanny or babysitter will give you the time to leave the house, see a movie, go for a meal, or do anything else that you might enjoy.

Play dates

Not only will this benefit your child socially as they play with other children, but you will also have the opportunity to talks to other parents, vent off your emotions, share ideas and have a laugh and a joke.

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