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The Chic Handbook: Top Fashion Experts Reveal How To Look Sophisticated 24/7

You might think that looking polished twenty-four-seven is an impossibility. There’s always something in your wardrobe that lets you down, whether it’s a pair of jeans that are ripped beyond the point of return or the sneakers you’ve been wearing to the gym every day for the last four years.

That would all be fine, of course, apart from the fact that you know at least one person who always looks perfect. For some reason, they always manage to look chic, no matter whether it’s a Monday morning or a Friday night. How do they do it?

Here we’re going to look at what some top fashion experts say about having that sophisticated look, twenty-four-seven, no matter where you are or who you’re with. Let’s take a look at what they have to say.

Pippa Vosper

Pippa Vosper is perhaps best known for her popular Instagram feed. It’s all about the best dressmakers in the world and how to pick that perfect frock so that you can make an entrance like Cinderella at the ball. Vosper says that her own closets are pack to the rafter with dresses. She says that she has rails and rails of them. As a result, she’s always got something new she can pop on, no matter what the occasion. She pairs here dresses with heels, boots and flats and accessories to give new life to her favorites.

Peony Lin

While most younger women are letting grunge and punk influences seep into their wardrobes. Peony Lin has resisted the trend. Instead, she says that women can make a pair of “boyfriend jeans” look upmarket just by pairing them with grown-up fashion choices. Even if you’re totally addicted to loungewear, Lin has options for you. She says it’s very simple: just brush your hair. Well, if it works for her…

Lissy von Schwarzkopf

Lissy von Schwarzkopf, the vice president at Karla Otto, manages to pull off pretty much any look she chooses. What’s more, even when she’s in the midst of catwalk chaos at a fashion show, she remains just as composed as when she arrived. Otto’s advice is clear. She says that women can’t go wrong with a combination of statement earrings by Simone Rocha, face spray by Aesop and red lipstick by Chanel. To cut the price of the complete outfit, find an Express discount code and pair the expensive makeup with a bargain dress and shoes.

Jenny Walton

Jenny Walton is a petite woman who heads the fashion segment at The Sartorialist. She’s often caught by photographers on street corners, diligently responding to emails on her phone while wearing stunning outfits.

What’s her advice? Walton says that the thing that makes her feel most sophisticated is her hair. She takes the time to put her hair up in a thoughtful way that always makes her feel polished. If she just puts her hair up in a topknot, she says that she ends up feeling “messy,” but putting it in a plait or a braid makes her feel more elegant.

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