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Our little girl has begun the adventure of real food this month!
This month, our little one turned half a year old! It is amazing how quickly time has gone by, yet I am reminded that someone once told me that "time passes so quickly because we were made for eternity!" I have spent a lot of the last six months in awe of how perfectly designed little humans are.  God made us all so intricately and it is just amazing to watch how we develop into the full-size humans we are to become! One day, we are little squishes who hate tummy time and just face plant into the blanket, and in the blink of an eye, we can roll over and sit up on our own!

One of the most exciting milestones we have experienced with our little girl is the introduction of food besides mommy's milk. She has been so interested in (also read: , obsessing over) food for quite some time.  However, I waited until she could sit fully on her own just to make sure her little tummy muscles were developed enough to experience the world of food! I am not a doct or an expert in feeding babies, so please always check with your doctor before you give your baby anything new... I merely just wanted to share what we have experienced with our babe over the last month! So in honor of our latest adventure with our baby, here's my Tasty Tuesday: Baby Edition.

There are a lot of opinions on how babies should be introduced to food, when to start, and what to give. A google search will show you recommendations on different things such as baby cereal, baby purees, baby led weaning, etc.  We decided to skip the rice cereal and do what has ended up a combination of baby led weaning with some purees!

Baby led weaning is a technique of allowing baby to start eating foods at their own pace.  It is not meant to be weaning baby off of breast milk or formula but is named to signify that baby is weaned onto foods.  I wholeheartedly agree with the notion that baby's primary source of nutrition should be breastmilk or formula for the full first year.  The introduction of food is just a chance for baby to learn and experience new textures and tastes... and to allow mommy and daddy to laugh at the funny faces baby makes throughout the experience! I decided to try baby led weaning because it encourages baby to eat until she is satisfied and supposedly encourages healthy eating habits down the road.  I also thought it would be way easier to give her foods that she can safely gum and swallow than to try to feed her ooey gooey purees!  But like I said before, we have also done some purees (because pureed prunes help keep our baby regular if you know what I mean!).

Most of this produce was bought to share with baby girl!

The first food we started with was avocado.  I've always been told it's a "superfood" so I thought it would be a super food to start our little one on! And although she mostly ended up mushing it into guacamole, I think she really enjoyed it!

Experiencing Avocado

Other "solid-like" foods we have introduced include carrots, peas, broccoli, cubed sweet potatoe with cinnamon, and lemon (because everyone needs to see their baby's reaction to sucking on a lemon!).  The only food she did not tolerate so far was the broccoli.  This was the night we learned the difference between spit up and baby vomit 😢😢😢 so we likely will not try that one again for a while.

Carrot, peas and lemons make great play toys and are yummy too!

The puree's she has tried are prunes (to help keep her movin') and I also pureed some of the sweet potatoes with cinnamon.  I think her favorite foods so far have actually been the cubed sweet potatoes and the prunes! 

Food prep for our little one has been super easy! I just steam or boil the foods for the baby led weaning and cut them into pieces she can grasp and gum!  Then if I'm making a puree, we use our ninja prep blender.  I use a little breast milk to help get the puree to a good consistency.

Steamer Basket 

We use the small food prep blender from this set we were given as a wedding gift!

Introducing our girl to foods has been so much fun! She has enjoyed it so much and loves sitting in her big girl high chair with us at dinner!  In all honesty, it has also made meal time for me and David a lot easier to enjoy together!  We used to eat in shifts while the other bounced the baby and distracted her away from our dinner that she's been obsessed with for a while! Now we can give her new things to play with and try and begin a tradition of eating together around the table with our little family!

How did introducing food go for you and your littles? Did you try baby led weaning? What were their favorite foods and flavors?  I'd love to hear about your experience in the comments!


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