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Acts of Kindness- The Kids Are Watching

Sorry for the grainy photo, I snapped it quickly a few days ago, but it fit in well with today's post and I wanted to use it. 

I have 2 daughters. They are at the ages now (9 and 4/almost 5) where a lot of the times the youngest wants nothing more than to be with her sister and the oldest wants nothing more than space from her sister. 

They love each other dearly, but there is often a lot of sass between the two of them and while I can relate to my oldest (I have 3 younger sisters of my own), I feel horrible for my youngest. I have noticed that D has been picking up some pre-pre-teen attitude, and I am not a fan. I am pretty sure that R feels the same. However, judging by this picture, my sweet girl is still there.

R had fallen asleep on the couch, D covered her, gave her a stuffed animal and asked "would it be okay to give her a kiss?". My Mama heart melted and I realized how important it is for me to not only acknowledge these positive moments, but also for me to curb my own impatience when dealing with the sassy times,  because the kids are watching.

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