Afffordable Eyewear for the Whole Family from Eyewear Insight #review

Thank you for Eyewear Insight for the glasses. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Eyewear Insight works with a very skilled laboratory to create high quality, affordable glasses. The options include computer glasses, reading glasses, prescription sunglasses, bifocals and progressive lenses as well as non-prescription or clear eyeglasses. Eyewear Insight backs their products by offering a guarantee replacement (minus shipping) if something is wrong with the glasses. 


Want to  buy eyewear online, is the best option for style without compromising on style. Within their collection of affordable glasses, their prescription eyeglasses include computer glasses, reading glasses, prescription sunglasses, bifocals and progressive lens as well as non-prescription or clear eyeglasses.  These are presented in your choice of rimless glasses, full rim glasses, half rim glasses or with clip-ons. In addition, they offer polarized lens (for safety glasses or for kids glasses), transitional or photocromatic lens (darken with sunlight, lighten indoors) and all the different coatings that can make your eyeglasses special. Create your own style of trendy glasses all brought to you at the best price around. 

All orders include  free anti-scratch coating, free anti-reflective free microfiber cleaning cloth,  free protective case, free UV coating and shipping $5.95, free on all  additional pairs. Further, they don't charge extra for high prescriptions (high  index or mid-index lens), enjoy your eyeglasses plain and simple.

My husband, Jon, and I both wear glasses. Jon's vision is much worse than mine, but we both were excited to try out these glasses. 


Jon went with a different style for him; he tried them on using the virtual tool. They ended up looking great, of course. 

I went with cranberry colored rims and more oval lenses. I'm pretty happy with them. We can both see and the glasses are made really well. They are extremely lightweight and perfect to wear every day.

Jon and I both selected nice frames and we were able to get the lenses we wanted, shipped ($5.95 flat rate), all for $163! That is unheard of to be able to get the frames AND the lenses for TWO people.  Also, all the frames include: 

The following are included with every frame: 

-Anti-reflective Coating

Anti-Scratch Coating
-UV Coating
-Protective Case

-Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Check out the nice frames for kids, men, and women


Kid Frame $28


Kid Frame $28


Kid Frame $28


Men's Frame $34


Men's Frame $28


Men's Frame $28


Men's Frame $48


Women's Frame $34


Women's Frame $18


Women's Frame $24


Women's Frame 


Women's Frame $34

Want it? Buy it!

You can add standard lenses to any frames for only $9.50! The most expensive option is Single Vision Photochromic Polycarbonate running at $90. I got the Mid-Index Lenses which ran $9.50 and my husband's prescription is so high that it was recommended to get the High Index Lenses which cost $52. 

If you need eyewear, this is the place to go. Check out Eyewear Insight!

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