Weekends with the Wigglesworths-

It's Saturday! I love the weekend, but can someone please help me figure out a way to keep the kids in bed a little longer on Saturday morning? Well, D is still asleep, but R woke up before 8am and since I didn't fall asleep before 2am, this Mama has started her weekend in "Mombie" mode. One cup of coffee hasn't helped that much, but thankfully my second one is  sitting right here next to me as I type this!

We don't have too much planned for this weekend. I'd really like to work on getting the living room and dining room organized, but I say that often and both rooms are still just there with all this stuff lying about. Maybe I should call the Rachael Ray show and see if they could send over Peter Walsh? I know one of two things would happen, I would be embarrassed on television, but have super organized rooms or I wouldn't be able to handle being embarrassed on television and would lose my mind cleaning it before the crew got here. Either way, the rooms would get clean, but I much prefer skipping the whole getting embarrassed on television thing. 

Do you have anything planned for this weekend? How about some tips to get rid of clutter? 

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