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My Day 5 Tieks Review: Are They Actually Worth It?

There are nine pairs of ballet flats in my closet. Nine pairs and each one of them ails my feet in one way or another: Too tight on my toes, rubs the back of my heels, no arch support, makes my feet sweat, etc. For someone who practically lives in ballet flats, I was in desperate need of a great "go to" pair.

I came across Tieks by Gavrieli on Pinterest several years ago. A cute, versatile shoe that advertised to be "The Ballet Flat, Reinvented." Then, I clicked the link, saw they were almost two hundred dollars and I died laughing and closed the web page. Two hundred dollars for ballet flats? How dumb did they think I was? But over the years, I kept coming back to these darn shoes. I kept reading reviews that promised me that not only were they amazing, but every single blog I read and every single person I spoke to told me this: They're worth it.

Last week, I finally broke down and (crying a little as I clicked order) bought my first pair of Tieks in Matte Black. Some initial things you should know if you have never heard of these shoes: Each pair of Tieks takes three days to make. They are hand-stitched and made with 100% Italian leather. The split-sole is Tiek blue and designed to fold in half. These shoes are equipped with a cushioned back to support your Achilles tendon. Oh, and they come in about a jillion different colors and patterns, ranging in sizes 5-13.

My Tieks shipped from Beverly Hills the morning after I ordered them and arrived at my house in Charlotte in less than two days. Somewhere during that time, I decided that I should have ordered a size up. I wear a strict size 8.5. Tieks only come in full sizes so I decided to size down to an 8, figuring that, being made of leather, they would stretch over time. After the shoes had already shipped, I began to rethink my decision and emailed Tieks customer service asking to for a size up. They were punctual with their response and after submitting an exchange form, a size 9 was on the way the next morning. This was all free of charge with a prepaid shipping label to send back the ill-fitting size. The size 9 fit perfectly, so I would definitely recommend sizing up if you're in between.

I wasn't convinced from the moment I put the Tieks on my feet for the first time that they were the most amazing shoe to ever exist. Immediately, I could tell they had a surprising amount of support and had potential to be great. But I think a lot of people like to pretend that Tieks don't have a break-in time. They are not these magical slippers that are automatically formed to your foot. It took 4 or 5 days of wear to fully break them in. I was getting worried that I had just thrown a ton of money out the window on shoes that weren't any better than the nine pairs I already have in my closet. By Day 5, I wore my Tieks for upwards of 10 hours and I can really tell that the leather is starting to mold to fit my foot. I have zero pain, zero discomfort. My toes have plenty of room, my heels don't have blisters and angry red marks, the bottoms of my feet don't ache and - this is the best part to me - my feet don't sweat in my Tieks, usually my biggest complaint about wearing ballet flats.

Needless to say, I'm hooked. I'm already planning to buy a pair in Ballerina Pink to wear to my wedding next fall. The Tiek blue sole will be my "Something Blue" and I will have happy, stylish, and comfortable feet on the day we say, "I Do!" It has only been five days, and I think I can confidently answer the question I'm sure you've all read this far to hear: They. Are. Worth it.


  1. Great post! I am completely obsessed with my Tieks and wear them all the time. I love your idea for using those pretty Tiek blue soles as your something blue!

  2. Hi, I am trying to decide whether to take the plunge. Sweating in them would be my issue but you said your feet don't sweat? Do you wear no-show liners or just bare footed?

    1. Hi! I am able to go completely bare footed. Sometimes I have minimal sweating but it just kind of depends on what I'm doing that day. Overall, not enough to bother me and definitely more trouble to wear liners. Three weeks and I've worn them almost every single day and still loving them!

  3. Hi, I am really loving these flats but can't get past the bright blue strip on the heel of each shoe. Kind of clashes with other colors you might wear. Am I being too picky?

  4. I'm a male that has a pair of California Navy Tieks. I'm in that 1/2 size camp like you, and agree to size up. They are truly amazing shoes. What's nice are that they mold to your feet. This is especially beneficial when you have feet like me that are not exactly the same size. My wife is now considering purchasing a pair of Tieks. The bright blue strip is very small and I feel it adds a little class to the flats. The Tieks sit beside my Tom's in the closet, but, they are my "go to" shoe now. Yes, it is an investment. You won't be disappointed!! :)

  5. I am convinced. I am ordering matte black. My 3 kids chipped in for my birthday present. Will follow up when I get them

  6. old lady odd question but they are so cute I have to ask- but is there room to put in an orthotic to provide arch support?

  7. Bought my "first" pair of Tieks!! i was very hesitant spending the money... but decided to jump in and try them... When they arrived in the mail... it was SOOO FUN opening that cute box with the cute ribbons... it just felt sooo special.. When i tried them on ... i was honestly surprised they fit so well... I will be ordering another pair!! I love them!!!


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