Glasses for All Occasions #review #mbpvdgg2016

Thank you to Sunglass Warehouse and for the glasses. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I must have sunglasses. My husband never wears them, but I always have sunglasses on in the car. Before this collaboration, I had not even heard of Sunglass Warehouse. Have you visited Sunglass Warehouse's website yet? Unbelievable selection of frames and very affordable.  

We finally had some sun so I could wear my new shades! The other pair also brighten grey days. Love them both!

Not sure what style looks best on you? You can search by gender, frame shape, lens type, and frame size. This helped me tremendously as I never know what looks good. I also love they have different lens types. Like I said, I always wear sunglasses so I appreciate the variety for different weather conditions. 

Sunglass Warehouse also has all the accessories you may want for your sunglasses. 

Cases, pouches, and more! Happy Eyes. Happy Wallet.

Are you a glasses wearer? I've been wearing glasses since I was a tiny girl. I actually like wearing glasses more than contacts sometimes so having a pair of readers is really handy. I only have a slight astigmatism in my right eye, so really my vision is pretty good. Readers are a great compromise. also has an extremely large selection for every power of reader, style, and face shape. 

 Ready to read!

I love this design on the side!





They also sell pouches and cases, chains and cords, and cleaning and maintenance products. 

Hard case $8.95

Pouch $3.95

Stretchy Cord $9.95

Maintenance Kit $8.95 

Want it? Buy it!

Want a pair of sunglasses? (The answer is, "Yes!") They generally range from $10-$20, but some are on sale for under $10! The cases run $5.95, the pouches $2.95, and the neck cords at $3.95. 

Need a pair of stylish readers? They generally range from $15-$20. 

Also, right now you can get 15% off at and

What style did you get? 

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