Deck The Halls! Yes, Already.

We appreciate the festive season has only just come to an end, so the last thing you are planning for is more Christmas! However having young children means there is a huge financial strain on the family, so now really is the time to start planning.

Imagine December in 2017, all the presents are bought, everything is paid for and you can enjoy all the little things that make this period so brilliant.  This year, you get to watch everyone else frantically doing the last minute shop.  Sounds like bliss doesn’t it?

Taking a little time every month to be prepared for the holiday period is a very good idea.  Firstly the financial pressures of December are huge.  So it’s worth considering putting aside a little bit of money each month to help lift the strain at the end of the year.  There are numerous banks offering good rates to regular savers so you could take advantage of this and know your money is building up, giving you even more to get the details right.

However, there is a whole year ahead of you and we all know how rainy days can appear out of nowhere, whilst saving is great you could end up tapping into your Christmas pot for boiler repairs or emergency cash.  Instead why not think about purchasing your gifts throughout the year.  Every month get to work and find top gifts and the hottest toys for Christmas 2017 this means you have nailed it and won’t be able to crack into your money leaving you with the same last minute struggle.  Just make sure you have a good hiding place! 

When it comes to food, there a plenty of ways to get ahead of the game.  Whilst your meat and vegetables do need to be bought last minute, you could consider sticking the turkey in your freezer as early as September.  You will probably find prices are far lower at this time of year too.  Just make sure you have a good plan for defrosting it before Christmas Day.  Other store cupboard goodies can be purchased months ahead of the season too.  From Cranberry sauce to biscuits for cheese.  As you hit the shops in summer have a good look at the shelf life of all the little things we enjoy throughout the season and then use them as your buy from guide.  This will save you a considerable amount of money as you hit December.

By planning ahead you will avoid so much stress and pressure.  You will have more time to enjoy your children and appreciate family.  Plus you feel more relaxed and calm knowing you have organised your way to a happy holidays! So get ahead of the game, find the best deals around and start planning now! 

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